10 strange animals you home

On Earth there are many unusual animals that few of us have seen. Meanwhile, some of them well tamed and live near man.

Kinkajou: Teddy bear

Similar to the bear the creature no bigger than cats. He belongs to the raccoon family, native to Central and South Africa, like fruit, insects and honey. In captivity live up to 40 years and are quite friendly to people. However, rasselivsheesya can take teeth or claws to shred. And what happened to the actress Paris Hilton . a couple of times which was biting her pet named Baby love. The star even had to go to the hospital.

Thick Lori: cute goof

Lori belong to the order primates, the suborder Micronesia monkeys. It is nocturnal and quite secretive animals, living in India, Bangladesh, Indochina and the Indonesian Islands. In the natural environment Laurie eat insects, small reptiles and birds. As pet most often get exactly Tolstoy Laurie. Tamed but they are difficult – painful bite.

Prohidna: a tongue with spikes

A miracle of nature that live in humid mountain forests of Indonesia and New Guinea, weighs about 10 kg.In length the body of progeny reaches 77 cm, plus a cute five-centimeter tail. The nose and mouth zhivotovskiy “in one bottle” – this design is called “rostrum”. No teeth, but the tongue is covered in small spines, which the animal catches termites. The animal with difficulty, but allowing herself to be tamed.

Capybara: rodent-giant

Similar to Guinea-pig a rodent is not small – the dimensions will not yield well-fed Labrador. Occurs on banks of water bodies in Central and South America. Swims and dives well, and feeds on fruits, tubers, hay and grass. Domashnyaya easily and willingly vygulivala on a leash.

The aardvark: a cross between a donkey and an aardvark

The teeth of this animal, common in Africa, are constantly growing and have a structure in the form of tubules in dentin, with no enamel or roots. The aardvark resembles a pig with a long snout, a donkey’s ears and a muscular tail – Africans call it ground hog. Growth with mumps is able to catch up with the big St. Bernard. Heavy – up to 80 kg live weight. In captivity can live up to 10 years.

Babirussa: sharp Fang

It resembles the familiar sow, but with fangs, reaching 40 cm in length. The fangs of the upper jaw grow up instead of down and pierce the skin of the snout, curving backwards. What are these canines, it is not clear. Some argue that with their help the animal touches the head of the branches, and so relaxing. Babirussa unpretentious and quickly gets used to humans. But to dissolve their unprofitable: the female bears only two piglets.

Galago: babe in the Bush

In Africa, where these animals, like squirrel, cat and dog at the same time, they are called “bushbaby” – “Bush baby”: they live in the Bush and cry like babies. There are several varieties, the largest – tolstolistyj galago reaches 2 kg. These animals often give birth as a pet.

Wallaby: kangaroo in miniature

Birthplace of tree-kangaroo New Guinea. Later they got to Australia and nearby Islands. The growth of these beauties do not exceed 80 cm and the tail can grow almost a meter. Females are ready to mate every month, and their babies are the first 250 – 300 days of life in the bag mom. Wallabies readily tamed and live up to 20 years.

Margai: legs like propellers

American long-tailed cat like a close relative of the ocelot, but smaller. Margy excellent climbs trees and jumps from branch to branch like a squirrel. Due to the structure of the hind feet that rotate 180 degrees, it can go down even with the vertical trunk upside down. In South America keep margai instead of the home pussy.

PackBot: dwarf dragon

Similar to the dragon lizard size from 12 to 70 cm, inhabits the arid regions of Africa and Madagascar. From their counterparts is characterized in that in times of danger is not loosing its tail, rolled and prickly tangle, capturing the tip of the tail teeth. In this position, small PackBot cannot deploy. These dragons are often kept at home.

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