15 tips for those who are trying to train a cat.

15 tips for those who are trying to train a cat.Cats by their nature-animals independent and self-willed, they do not have the desire to please the owner, like dogs. Therefore, they are best trained in such tricks, which they initially have a tendency to: if your cat likes to carry objects in its teeth, it is likely that it can be trained to serve objects, if it stands on its hind legs, it is worth working with this skill. So, the first tip — before you start training, carefully study the habits of your pet , you will never be able to make the cat do what she does not want or does not like.
So, we observed that our Marusya (aka Cinnamon) is crazy about Dreamers pads (not on the rights of advertising, Aha-ha-ha) and loves to jump despite her age (about 5-6 years).
So we easily taught the cat to jump through the Hoop and get up ” Bunny»

So, 15 tips for those who are trying to train a cat.
It is also important to remember that almost any breed can be trained, but you need to choose an active, curious and contact kitten . Particularly good in training such breeds as the Abyssinian cat, Burma, Scottish fold, Siamese, British and Bengal. Before you understand how to train a cat at home, you need to know that it is almost impossible to teach tricks to an adult cat. Classes should begin when the kitten is at least four months old. The most optimal age for training is considered to be 6-9 months, when the nervous system is formed, but the habits and character are not yet. Be patient . It is not necessary to teach the animal several commands at once in a short time. Perseverance will cause revolt and disgust. You need to earn the trust of the cat. The cat selects the main member of the family and will listen mainly to him. He needs to be engaged in training and learning the first tricks.

You can not offend the animal, otherwise the owner will lose confidence, and you can forget about the lessons; Start training with calls for food . The first command is the easiest to train a cat – it always goes to the call, if it knows that it will be given something nice, so start training your pet calls for food. At the same time, you need to talk fun and easy, be sure to call the cat by name. Cats respond very well to the words you say, they are able to catch up to 50 sound signals . They don’t understand the words you say, but they do understand when you call them for a walk or a game.

Train by playing. For a cat, training is a game that fits into the framework of everyday life, just with slightly changed conditions. Cats play only in a good mood, so training should only take place if the pet wants it; Do not forget about the encouragement . Any correctly executed cat action should be rewarded – this is the main principle of any training. Experts distinguish two types of encouragement: verbal praise and a treat. It is best to use both to positively reinforce correct actions. If the cat does not follow the command, do not give it a treat out of pity, wait until the animal does everything correctly. Be calm . The main mistake in the process of training — increased tone. The cat doesn’t understand why you are yelling at it. She may decide that you are negative and hostile towards her. Therefore, shouting is a direct way to lose the cat’s trust. You don’t need special conditions for training. But there should be no distractions in the study room . You can’t turn on music or TV. If there are other Pets, you need to isolate them for a while. Do not overwork the animal . Do not spend more than 5 minutes on the first lesson. The cat will quickly get tired or lose interest. Starting with two classes a week, you need to gradually increase them to four. If the pet is willing to join the game, it is worth allocating 10 to 15 minutes for classes. Always pin the result . Don’t make mistakes in your actions. For example, if the cat has executed the command “sit” and at the moment of encouragement it gets up, then it will have a connection between raising on its hind legs and a treat. This way, she will simply misunderstand you. Prepare special equipment . Some tricks require additional items, such as a Hoop, fence (fence), or bollards (chairs). I bought a baby Hoop (for babies) at a regular sports store. Do not use Catnip in training : this plant does not cause persistent physical addiction, but psychological dependence will develop quickly. Fortunately, not all cats are susceptible to it.

And remember that trained cats can lose their acquired skills very quickly, especially if they utter commands in inappropriate situations. In such cases, the pet will be confused and will soon stop responding to your words. So good luck and patience!
And yet: the fact that cats are more prone to training than cats — no more than a myth. In the Kuklachev theater (although I have a very bad attitude to this kind of circuses and contact zoos in particular), there are not only cats, but also cats.

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