Allergic to cats and dogs

Allergies excite not only the smaller hairs and undercoat of wool of domestic animals and tiny remnants of stool and skin mites and particles in the epidermis of animals.

In addition, a certain contribution in the initiation of allergic reactions bring the particles of eye, ear secretions and feces remaining on the anus.

Symptoms of Allergy to cats and dogs

Most often the allergies cause the cats and everything connected with them. Classic picture of allergic reaction — profuse secretion of tears and saliva, bronchospasm, allergic rhinitis. swelling of the nose and throat, coughing and sneezing to chest pain — can proceed in serious asthma attacks, to burden ourselves with the redness of eye membranes .

Believed to be an allergic reaction may be burdened by personal aversion to the smell of cat urine and the acrid secretions of the anal glands, and smelly cat food. However, in this case, angioedema almost incredible, were not revealed deaths associated with allergies to cats and wool.

In addition, an allergic reaction can cause contact with cat saliva under the skin when they bite. In this case, local inflammation of the wound, possibly combined with an allergic reaction in the form of itching .

Cause of allergic reactions to wool koseki dogs

Actually trigger the human immune system is the protein Fel d 1 extracted from biological fluids cat. He gets into the respiratory tract with tiny fragments of wool and exfoliating keratinocytes. This, in particular, is proved by the fact that woollen socks, linen dress or allergies more often than not. Very similar symptoms of an allergic reaction to a protein in the mosquito’s saliva, which he introduces to us under the skin. Effect allergic reactions an individual defines the genotype as well as the state of his immunity.

Most allergic young children, infants reaction to an animal is already apparent after 15 minutes of contact.

To 7 years establishes and strengthens the immune system, so if in children has not been noticed allergies, it is likely that, after 12-13 years already it will never happen in my life. On the other hand, if you already have asthma, allergic to animals is virtually guaranteed.

The risk of allergies to Pets

The effects of Allergy is extremely unpleasant, as the light, and of course, severe:

in the lightweight embodiment, it is a constant stress, irritability, bad mood, headache, fatigue and as a consequence — a decreased immunity, which leads to other diseases;

allergies can be a trigger for chronic rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and eventually asthma. No need to remind how painful the life of an asthmatic.

Theoretically possible even anaphylactic shock with laryngeal edema and even death. But such cases are still attributed to allergies to the venom of predatory insects, snakes or some chemicals.

Treatment of allergies to animal hair

To determine the source of allergies, you must do the simplest test is to keep away from the animal that is alleged to be an allergen. All will become clear when the Allergy completely disappears (or stops). Of course, the simplest and most radical way of getting rid of the Allergy will get rid of the animal, especially because there is no need to hold it in a city apartment where there are no mice and rats and no one goes hunting and does not serve on the border.

If this is unacceptable, then you need to visit the allergist. In the basis of medicinal treatment Allergy is mild asthma on the basis of antihistamines (mostly drops and tablets ).

In addition, there is a sort of vaccination of prophylaxis — immunotherapy, when a person is gradually introduced very small doses of the allergen to “addiction” and strengthening the immune otklika. Sometimes the child gradually gets used to the animal itself, it is the faster, the stronger they are linked to each other. It is characteristic that the child has lost the Allergy on your pet.

Laboratory Allergy is diagnosed by the methods of patch testing, and clinical blood test for certain antibodies.

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