Animal diseases

The main causes of death of fish in the aquarium

The problem of death of fish are familiar to novice aquarium hobbyists. Usually the reason for this phenomenon is the inappropriate conditions of detention. The task of every owner of a mini-pond is to be created for its inhabitants in conditions close to natural. The aquarium should from time to time, to clean, to use artificial light and not to forget the saturation of water with oxygen.

Diseases of goldfish and methods of treatment

Fish, like other living beings, often get sick. And then they need medical care. Regarding prevention, it is best to use for the aquarium running water, give the fish is still alive and vegetable diet and avoid spikes in water temperature.

Than sick rabbits and how to treat them?

Many diseases of rabbits directly depend on the conditions in which the animals live. Therefore, setting the stage for this pet, be sure to read the rules of care. The rabbits cage should be timely cleaned and disinfected. If possible, the cage should be washed every day, and when the rabbits offspring must-see rabbits in the presence of disease.

How to understand that the animal was poisoned, and cure it?

Ways of penetration of poisons into the body of the animal a lot, including that they penetrate through the digestive system, skin and respiratory system.Depending on the poison, it can be felt immediately or after a few days, and in some cases even weeks.

Obesity in animals: causes and counter

Obesity is among the most common ailments in cats and dogs. If the weight of Your pet, more than one-fifth higher than recommended, the animal walks with difficulty, and on flanks and belly; it hangs down a layer of fat, then that means it’s time to start the fight against obesity. The causes of the disease are different, but in General, the animal quickly gain weight when the number absorbed per day calorie intake is greater than energy costs.

Beware Of The Worms!

Of particular risk are animals that regularly walking on the street homeless and stray animals. Such animals may not only get sick parasitic infestation, but can also infect humans. According to statistics, the mortality from worm infestation at an early period in dogs and cats is up to 20%.


The clinic AVIS your pet will have expert help in the fight against dental stone. You can get advice on the prevention of this disease and proper oral care, your dog or cat. You can buy medicated feed that are aimed at the prevention of dental plaque and maintain oral health.

Sarcoptosis. Skin mites in animals.

Sarcoptosis must be differentiated from other diseases, accompanied by itching and skin lesions in animals. The decisive role in this matter belongs microscopy of scrapings of the skin of a cat or dog.

Treatment Pets, dogs, cats

For your Pets we are responsible people. Therefore, without the treatment of domestic animals is indispensable. If there is a particular problem, it is necessary to contact the veterinary clinic. With regard to animal diseases, they are virtually indistinguishable from disease of people.

The broken paw in animals. The osteosynthesis.

The broken paw of a cat or dog can happen when a traffic accident, fall from a height (especially cats). Very often, if a cat fell out of a window or balcony. Sometimes even when falling from the hands or from the table can break the animal’s paw. This is especially true of puppies and kittens or dogs breeds toy Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua.

Conjunctivitis in domestic animals.

Perhaps the most common ocular pathology in domestic animals is conjunctivitis. The frequency of visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist this problem takes approximately 35-40% of the total ocular pathology. Conjunctivitis suffer all kinds of land mammals, including dogs, cats, rodents, lagomorphs, mustelids, etc.

Rabies in animals.

Rabies is a dreadful disease associated with inflammation of the brain tissue. It is also called viral encephalomyelitis. Rabies occurs in birds, animals, and ends with the death. The rabies virus is transmitted through bites, saliva and in the case of contact with open wounds of the skin and mucous membranes.

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