Anyone don’t need to keep at home

All animals are beautiful, and they are so different is a graceful and clumsy, majestic and funny. We like them. And for most reason I want to have a pet, is its visual appeal. This desire is understandable, but we should think about the consequences of its implementation. And they can be very different, but quite predictable.

So how do you determine who should get and keep the house, and who is not? It is important to consider several key points that will help you make the right decision and not to make unhappy yourself and your future pet.

1. What do you expect from this “Union”? If you need a affectionate friend, a faithful companion, a family member – you don’t need that exotic animals. These roles are suitable for only those animals who for centuries live side by side with man, do not show him aggression and adapted to cohabitation. These are our dogs and cats. Hamsters, rabbits, Guinea pigs, rats, ferrets is also suitable for intimate Union, but their need to communicate with someone small. If you want to enjoy the beauty, variety of colors, graceful movements, silence, – turn your aquarium. If you like singing or want to speak with a pet “human”, for you parrots – of Corella, lovebirds, wavy and singing birds – Canaries, finches.

You are attracted to something extreme, unusual, outrageous?Start the insectarium with tropical cockroaches, stick insects or a terrarium with iguanas, geckos. Word art can be found well studied, non-hazardous to humans and not particularly difficult to care and maintenance of satellites.

2. It dangerous animal? If you take an animal home from the wild – note: it can be dangerous. Of course, in the first place that comes to mind are the tragedies in the families of people who have decided that they have enough courage and ability to contain large predators, or perhaps crocodiles. Venomous snakes – also not a toy. For non-professionals to keep their homes is tantamount to suicide, but even professionals have contacts with them sometimes end up in serious injuries. About security you need to always remember, and to check everything thoroughly, before deciding to bring home a living creature. The fact that it may be the cause of allergies, infectious diseases, etc. Imagine even such harmless creatures as … snails can be deadly. African snails are Achatina, if they were brought from the old country, taking from the wild can be dangerous intermediate hosts of the parasite, damaging the human brain. So it is not necessary to haul from trips that sometimes they managed to catch, because those snails, but grown in Moscow insectaria, quite harmless.

3. What character from animal and easy to get along with him? Charming in appearance, the monkey is able in a few days to turn your life into hell: torn curtains, broken furniture, bitten fingers (and monkey bites are not healing well!). Put in a cage? But then the animal wasting away, fades away – and still tries to bite when you want to feed him or clean the cage. Handsome parrot heart-rending cry brings the entire family to madness. Animals with nocturnal activity, such as hedgehogs, sleep during the day and don’t want to play, but the night heard footsteps, puffing and not allowed to sleep. But do not blame animals: just need to ask in advance what kind of lifestyle they lead and whether you can provide them with suitable conditions. Otherwise living together will be a mutual joy, and one sorrow.

4. Is it easy to care for animals, what conditions are required for this and can you provide the right content? Before purchasing or charming the beast is a beautiful snake, you have to read books, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of this type – and you’ll immediately realize how much work, time and energy have to spend to ensure tolerable living conditions. And the place? Even in an aviary for steppe turtles (they often sell in the metro), you must allocate a fair chunk of living space. And water red-turtle? You get crumbs the size of a tea spoon, but before you know it – baby has grown to the size of soup bowls and aquarium for her… only a bath!

5. Is this animal rare, endangered (what is the conservation status of this species)? By purchasing the “red book” animal, you are encouraging illegal trade in animals, contribute to the poachers, so that there – you are violating several articles of the criminal law! Don’t do it in any case!

Zoo staff often meet with the consequences of ill-considered choice of pet. Not a week goes by in the zoo, not the phone rang: people want to give the parrots, iguanas, monkeys, owls, foxes, which are made or received as a gift and now don’t know how to get rid of them. And sadly, a pet that is no longer needed, due to improper maintenance is often very seriously ill. Our advice: do not complicate your life and don’t put a living creature in torment and disease. We are the people, and the responsibility for the decisions lies with us. Try not to make mistakes, to avoid which it is so easy!

Better get yourself another one of those animals that well next to a man – they will decorate your life, will bring you true joy and will be happy with you!

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