Breeds of domestic cats

Naked and furry, affectionate and willful, restless and really couch potatoes – all that our favorite purring Pets. In the world there are dozens of breeds of cats, each of which has unique characteristics. If you happen to be the owner of the kitten with an impressive pedigree, it is better to know in advance how to care for them, what to feed and what to expect shenanigans.

The history of cat breeds

Some species have appeared randomly, others the result of long selection work, and the third one managed to maintain the appearance and habits of their wild ancestors, what they appreciate cat lovers. So, independent of the Siberian cat was known to our ancestors long before the first attempts though as-that to register, and plush cutie British shorthaired cat once was just catching mice on the streets of London.

However, the majority of breeds this is not true. For example, the Persian cat looked like that when it was first introduced to Europeans. About bald rock and say nothing: some of them seem aliens of the cat world, so their appearance is different from our usual Murchik and Murok. And this is only a small part of all cats: according to statistics, only 1% of the feline fraternity boasts of belonging to a noble family.

Purposeful work on development of new breeds began only polarstate ago. Most thoroughbred beauties, which are known to the people, were registered only in the last century. But they have become so ingrained in our lives that it is hard to imagine without their hilarious antics.

Types of cats

Cat breeds are divided into long-haired, short-haired and bare:

Are considered to be long-haired Persian, Angora, Turkish van, Norwegian forest cat, sacred Birman, etc. Most cats with a long coat is attributed to the gentle and docile nature.

Most short-haired breeds. This and Siamese, Oriental, Abyssinian, and Russian blue, and many others. They are so different from each other that it is difficult to highlight any special features of the joint, in addition to short coat.

Naked, hairless or Sphinx awakened the most conflicting emotions. Pictures of hairless cat breeds someone provoke emotion, and someone disgust. However, the owners of these unique creatures claim that these are the most common cat, although without the coat. But they are deeply attached to the host, play a lot and eat a lot, because all the time trying to stay warm.

But is there a significant difference between all these rocks? Cat lovers of noble blood claim that they are clean, obedient, independent and smart. Isn mongrel vagabonds less savvy? Moreover, anyone who brought home a kitten from the street, will prove that even yesterday, residents of households characterized by the love of purity, and nothing about the cat’s independence and say no.

Love your furry friends, regardless of whether they have a cool pedigree. Always stay close with them, because every day, about a mischievous cat or affectionate kitties then I remember with warmth and quiet joy. Here who is able to make us happy!

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