Buy pet food

Here you can find all the necessary products for your Pets. In the constantly updated catalogue you will find wide range of quality products. We work in St. Petersburg, but managed to acquire clients and partners throughout the region and beyond.

Brothers bring their owners a sea of warmth, kindness, joy and good mood. Take care of their Pets. We will please even the most discerning customer and help them to choose all that you may need. Internet a feed store will not disappoint you!

In a wide assortment of not only great food, but a lot of goods for beauty and health of Pets and household hygiene. Take advantage of great offers and treat their animals.

Buy food for cat, dog, parrot or a loved ferret never had such a comfortable and quick. You will appreciate the benefits!

Dry feed.

In the catalogue presents the best animal feed in the online store. This is a fully balanced set of nutrition that you provide your domashneeporno full ration, full of not only delicious food but also take care of his health. Deciding to buy dry food for cats, make your choice in favor of specialized brands – Royal Canin, a Scoundrel, Ecofriend, etc at any time you can find on our website. Presents detailed information about the composition of nutrient mixtures, their purpose, the manufacturer.

Want to buy food for cats in St. Petersburg, but have a number of questions regarding the correct choice? Our specialists will promptly provide relevant information and answer all the questions to correctly choose a diet for your four-legged friend.

Caring hosts will be able to purchase not only dry food for cats (adults and kids, large and miniature), but also for dogs of various breeds, birds and rodents, fish and reptiles, etc. Forget long walk to outlets in search of desired products. Now all this can be found in one place. Shampoos and sprays, scratching posts and houses, and carrying toys, aquariums and all kinds of accessories.

Also regularly held shares and formed a special offers from manufacturers of dry food (and other goods), using which you will be able to save a lot and get a nice gifts for their winged and tailed “wards”.

On our portal provides, among other things, and an extensive veterinary section. In it you will always be able to find: drugs, bandages, bandages, bedding, safety collars, footwear and everything that can be useful zahvoravšij animal.

How to order food at our store?

To order food you can at any time of the day. Just leave a request and wait for a rapid response of our consultant. Experienced staff will tell you about all the features of the product, and also explain the scheme of registration and payment of the order. Do not have time to get to the store for the purchased goods? No problem. There is a solution! Through ordering food in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, you can count on delivery of the purchased products. But that’s not all. More recently, using the services of transportation companies, we are able to send products to all parts of the country.

Your pet will be always full and happy. Now you know how easy it is to buy food in St. Petersburg on favorable terms. Please, treat their four-legged friends.

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