Cat breeds

Most famous tailless cats, affectionately called “Ottoman” is Menks. Chubby handsome attributed a lot of merit, some sources found the information that the Manx cat was the ancestor of all tailless “Cats”, including the Bobtail. Anyway, the origin story of Pets of the world is covered with darkness and pritrushenny dust.

The ordinary-looking tabby cat from hottest Arab Emirates was tested, starting with natural selection, to strict judicial framework experts. The Arabian Mau has long been a native deserts, collaborating with someone on equal rights – catching rodents in exchange for shelter. Not the original appearance has affected animal dual – made versatile and hardy pet, which refused to acknowledge for many years despite a wide circle of admirers.

The sophisticated attempts of mankind to create a new and unprecedented, for the sake of interest, benefits or exclusivity, sometimes leads to completely unexpected though successful results. Think you already know all about the most bizarre cat breeds? Naked, tailless, curly, miniature, korotkolapyh, mini-galleries and bobcats? Don’t be surprised, but it’s not all Great, this is one of the young cats shook the entire world.


Section “breeds of cats” introduces the reader to the amazing mnogoobraziyakh domestic cats. Here are not only the different breeds of cats, but given the detailed, honest and accurate descriptions, from the history to the nuances of content and genetic characteristics of a particular breed. The most recognizable and most rare cat breeds, conformation flaws, characteristics, merits of the breeds and the requirements for caring for a pet is more than fifty fascinating articles about different cat breeds, from the popular Siberian women to strangers sokoke.

Haven’t made a choice? All partially or fully cat breeds

The choice is made? But breeds of domestic cats are not the only type of coat, size and color. Don’t forget the nature of Pets is one of the main selection criteria. Not least, how much time and energy a family can devote to caring for your four-footed friend. Detailed description of selected breeds of cats makes it easier to understand the degree of responsibility: one of the cats is often necessary to brush, bathe or be protected from the sun and other easily withstand bad weather and by themselves cope with keeping the coat in perfect condition.

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