Cat breeds for Allergy sufferers

Recently in the scientific world, caused a stir with sensational news: scientists have bred a unique breed of cats for Allergy sufferers. American experts managed to achieve what previously might seem fantastic, came to light Pets, communication with them is perfectly safe for people with allergies.

While the breed is not numerous, and the cost of hypoallergenic kittens amounts to astronomical sums. But in the future, scientists hope to make them available to everyone. Ever every have allergies will be able to enjoy communication with these amazing animals, loyal companions of man, always ready to comfort and help cope with stress.

The content

And while for most asthmatics this prospect remains only a beautiful dream, we have to choose cats from traditional breeds that have a low rate of allergic irritation. After all, cats are completely safe for Allergy sufferers still did not exist. But there are animals, the content of which poses minimum risk of allergies.

What causes allergies to cats?

To understand how to deal with allergies, you first need to figure out what exactly provokes the development of pathological reactions. In some people it appears when the contact is not only animal hair, but the substances contained in the cat’s saliva, skin secretions, and urine.

It happens that the problem is not in the cat, and in her lifestyle. Animal freely walking on the street, can bring allergens to your body in the apartment. In the coat after a walk are often pollen, mold, spores fungi. And in this case the owner after talking with the cat have a runny nose, suffocating cough and other Allergy symptoms.

How to choose a cat with allergies?

Allergists recommend Allergy sufferers to prefer females, since males actively secrete into the environment of aggressive substances. If you want to make this cat, then the probability of Allergy can be reduced, kastrirovat it. Empirically it has been proven that light females are less dangerous for Allergy sufferers than dark.

Hypoallergenic cat breeds

The safest is considered to be Javanese cat breed, which has almost no undercoat. Such an animal is absolutely not dangerous for asthmatics.

Balinese (longhaired Siamese) cat, despite the long and fluffy fur, almost neutral in allergic plan. In the composition of its skin secretions contain low allergens.

The Cornish Rex. Wool these cats are very soft, and the content of provocateurs in skin secret is minimal. So a person suffering from allergies to other breeds, maybe for a long time to hold a Cornish Rex without the fear of development of pathological reactions. The nature of these animals is very soft and flexible: they are peace-loving and attached to people. Cats absolutely not vindictive, I love children and easily coexist with other Pets. Without a doubt, the Cornish Rex is the perfect choice for Allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Devon Rex – “relative” of the above breeds. This is probably the most hypoallergenic cat among the existing. Studies have shown that most people who are predisposed to allergic reactions when in contact with a cat, the Devon Rex does not cause symptoms. They are very cute and touching: just saw the kitten Devon Rex, it is simply impossible to abandon it. Among other species their has unusual curly coat. These cats are sociable, easy to education, unpretentious to the conditions of detention. The only Devon Rexes do not tolerate long loneliness.

Sphinxes are often considered the most Hypo-allergenic cats because of the complete lack of wool. But, as the causative agent of the disease is not so much wool, how much skin secretions, in some cases, an Allergy can provoke and the Sphinx. These cats are not so many fans – some repels their unusual appearance. Sphinxes are very fond of water treatments and need them more than cats with a long coat – their skin secretes much more secret. Hairless body is associated with weakness and vulnerability, but the health of the Sphinx is excellent.

When the content of the above-mentioned breeds, the risk of allergies is minimal, but there is still a possibility of existence of a pathological symptoms after some time.

How to minimize the risk of allergies?

The content of cats for Allergy sufferers and asthmatics – quite a difficult task. You must adhere to certain rules in order to minimize the impact of constant contact with animals:

To assess the degree of risk, you need to communicate closely enough with the cat for a while. If the itching will be felt, you can think about how to get a pet.

It makes no sense to tolerate the pathological symptoms they are unlikely to work. If in the house there was a cat, and after a while became obvious painful symptoms in one family member, it is better to find her other owners.

It is desirable that the bath cats and combing her wool engaged member of the family who definitely are not allergic.

Sleeper cats, dishes, tray and her toys should always be clean. Keep them away from bedrooms of people with allergies.

Mandatory regular wet cleaning in the apartment.

Observance of these simple rules will help to reduce the risk of allergies and enjoy the company of a faithful companion of man, receiving a huge positive charge.

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