Child is ready to care for a pet?

Question about pet sooner or later in every family. Choose a friend from our little brothers, for whom the child will be able to take care of. Some Pets, such as dogs or cats require daily care, they must be fed, groomed, cleaned their toilets, they need to play, dogs — take a walk. Other — fish, turtles, birds, Guinea pigs and hamsters require minimal care and can be a good choice for younger children who need to learn to care for Pets. For example, fish can be fed every 2-3 days and change the water in the aquarium, and a dog to feed and walk every day.

In addition, some animal breeds the calm nature, and they can be near children. For example, retrievers and beagles (small hounds), as a rule, active and affectionate with children, while boxers, German shepherds, pit bulls, Dobermans, and miniature French poodles can be more unpredictable. Therefore, when choosing a pet first, learn about the breed, take a look to “parents”.

Fur, feathers and fluff or food can cause allergies in some children. If your child has an Allergy (atopic dermatitis. hay fever, asthma ) or in the family estilosa of allergic diseases, the idea of a pet is not always the best. So be sure to pre-consult with a pediatrician and a veterinarian.

Almost every species of animals have diseases, they can infect the child. All reptiles, for example, can be carriers and sources bacteria Salmonella. which, in turn, can cause severe diarrhea. However, while the child observes the rules of hygiene, especially regarding hand washing after playing with Pets and before eating, the animals stay safe for him. However, children with weakened immune systems should be especially careful — they are, as a rule, it is better to avoid most Pets. If you have firmly decided to get a pet, then buy it only from reliable breeders, stores and shelters. Otherwise you increase the risk of buying a diseased animal and endangering your family’s health.

Before you purchase “little friend” talk with your child about how these animals should be looked after and what he will need. This will help you books on caring for Pets from the library or pet store. You can still go to visit friends who already have this pet.

But often, after the euphoria of communication with a pet, the child loses interest in him. What to do in this case? Maybe someone from the family will be able to take responsibility and to care for animals. If not, tell your child that you are not willing to jeopardize the life of the animal due to someone’s laziness and neglect, and will find another home for that of a living creature. Reviewing the situation with the child, do not blame him (“You are not able to care for a pet!”). Instead say “the Dog needs a reliable guardian. We have to find him another family, and someone who can take care of him”.

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