Children and Pets: the more dangerous their friendship?

Find out whether your favorite sweet Fluff and a Ball and what to do if the disease is still caught up the child.

Cats and dogs, as man, tend to hurt, and, unfortunately, some diseases can be transmitted to humans, especially children, who spend time with funny and cute Pets. Consider the most common disease in Pets and ways to protect children from them.

The cat scratch disease. Despite the fact that 95% of people suffer from virtually no symptoms (sometimes enlarged lymph nodes), and the remaining 5% of people take the disease seriously, conjunctivitis, osteomyelitis, fever. Swelling is also possible scratches or partial loss of vision.

Infection. Infection of cats occurs through rodents or birds, and then through a cat scratch can get to the person. Most often the disease is transmitted from kittens aged up to a year. Usually ill children and persons under 20 years of age, most often in the fall and winter.

Prevention. To prevent infection it is impossible. The causative agent, Bacillus, Bartonella, is representative of the normal microflora of the oral cavity of cats. In case of a scratch or bite treat the affected area 2-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide and then with iodine or alcohol.

Helminthiasis – diseases caused by parasitic worms, helminths.Many Pets are carriers and able to transmit them to the man. The risk of carriage of helminths is highest if your cat or dog eats raw meat or catch mice. The source of the worms can also, ironically, become flies, which love to hunt cats.

Infection. Be transmitted helminths can through saliva. Pet owners often disregard the rules of hygiene and allow the animals with them from one vessel, and this is a sure path to infection. Besides the joyful impulses of a dog to lick your hands or face can lead to a serious problem, if after carefully them to wash up.

Prevention. Personal hygiene, de-worming treatment, heat treatment of meat products for feeding your pet.

Rabies is fatal to humans an infectious disease caused by a virus Rabies virus.

Infection. The virus enters human tissues by the bite of an animal. The disease is characterized by increased sensitivity to small sensory irritation, cramps, increased anxiety, aggression, hallucinations and paralysis. The incubation period of the disease – from 12 days to 1 year, but is typically four to six weeks. Treatment of rabies exists, the disease always has a fatal outcome.

Prevention. Mandatory vaccination of all Pets.

Ringworm is a group of diseases of the skin, caused by pathogenic fungus.

Infection. Occurs through direct interaction of the animal with the media. Also spores of the fungus can get into the house with dust on the shoes. The disease is most susceptible humans and animals that have immune deficiency, so you need to limit children’s contact with a sick pet.

Prevention. Hygiene, minimization of communication of your cat or dog with other animals, constant inspection.

Toxoplasmosis – a protozoan disease of cats and humans, caused by intracellular parasite. Characterized by high fever, enlarged liver, spleen or nervous system, that is, headache, convulsions, vomiting, paralysis.

Infection. From contact with the feces of cats that may have eaten infected raw meat. By the way, affected by this disease once in a lifetime.

Prevention. Heat treatment given the animal meat.

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