Dangerous dog breeds

In the process of evolution of the dog as close to the person and become part of his life. Every day thousands of people around the world are walking with their dogs, talking, sharing problems, and their Pets always understand without words, only enough of the mood of the owner. However, there are a person specially bred fighting breed dogs that are dangerous not only to others, but often for the owner and his family. Dog breeds . it is most dangerous for people.

1. The Dogo Canario

The Dogo Canario relates to guard dogs. Although the dog itself is not aggressive, but if any suspicious situation is ready to join the fight. Never harm the owner, because it is very loyal, but if its owner is in danger, this dog will fight to the last to protect it.

2. The Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is the cutest dog in appearance. Looking at these dogs, they seem to be very kind, sociable and harmless. However, according to some reports, this breed of dogs are the most dangerous. Chow hate strangers, especially when people try to pet them. Persistent affection not family members can turn out bad, because these dogs instantly start to attack.


Rottweiler – samaritana dog in the world. These German dogs are not only loyal, they are also excellent guards. The Rottweiler sehrazat a sense of territory. They never and anybody from strangers do not get into your house. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent and easily find common language with children.

4. The boxer

The German boxer is the most dangerous to humans in this breed of dogs is her body type, quite a large torso and massive head and a very sharp, strong teeth. However frightening is their only appearance. Dogs of this breed are very cheerful and active, love to play especially with children. Despite this in the wrong education can lead to violent outbursts, which can then lead to injury of the person.

5. Pitbull

Pit bull – the breed was bred specifically for dog fighting. They appeared in the United States and in the genes they have passion for battle, blood and fear. However, if the pit bull to bring home, he can be quite kind and gentle until he learns the taste of the fight. The main awesome feature of this breed is the fact that if a pit bull has bitten, he will not let go until you are dead. While he doesn’t care to fight with the beast or man.

There are other dangerous to humans dog breeds . but in my opinion, any dog will be dangerous if it is wrong to bring up or to contain. Conversely, if the dog is love, to give it the attention it deserves, relates as a friend, she will never be a threat neither for the master nor for his family. Love your dogs and respect as friends.

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Dangerous dog breeds
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