Dental disease Guinea pigs

The recommendations of the Association of veterinarians specializing in exotic mammals.

Dental diseases are quite common among all possible diseases Guinea pigs. In painful the process may involve all the teeth: the incisors, premolars, and molars. The premolars and molars are commonly called cheek teeth.

You can select multiple types of dental problems in Guinea pigs.

• frequent fractures of the incisors and cheek teeth

• excessive appearance of teeth

• sharp spikes on the teeth

• infection of the roots of the teeth and dental abscesses

Thus, in contrast to dogs, cats and humans, Guinea pigs never experience problems such as the formation of Tartar and caries.

All twenty teeth of Guinea pigs grow continuously throughout life. In healthy Guinea pigs teeth are usually lost during chewing. This helps in not only food, but also the opposing teeth. Both of these factors work to ensure that the teeth are constantly subjected to mechanical wear and place their enlargement and elongation.

In a healthy Guinea pig lower incisors is normally slightly longer than the upper incisors. The patient Guinea pigs, as a rule, the cutters the same length. A significant cause of abnormal abrasion of teeth in Guinea pigs is a constant lack of roughage in the diet, especially casalserugo hay.

In addition to lack of hay, the disease causes constant chewing of cage bars, and a fall from a height and other injuries leading to fractures.

Extra long, over grown incisors, as a rule, are the result of enlarged, elongated cheek teeth. When the incisors become too long, Guinea pigs may experience difficulty in chewing feed large pieces into small pieces. Elongated cheek teeth can exert excessive pressure on the roots of the teeth when a Guinea pig chews. As a result of this pressure is manifested by pain, damaged teeth roots, and sometimes form abscesses and tooth root.

Some elongated cheek teeth form sharp edges and begin to grow in abnormal directions. This can damage the soft tissue of the oral cavity or there is a degradation of language. Guinea pigs with similar problems, tend to experience difficulties with food intake. As the cutters are almost never grow without significant disease molars, simple trimming of incisors is never an appropriate treatment option in this case. Incisors in any case should not podruzhatsya using normal kohereza or other inappropriate cutting tools because it is associated with high risk of fracture of the tooth, severe pain and damage root cutter.

Common symptoms of dental problems Guinea pigs:

• refusal to eat or sudden loss of appetite

• preference for soft foods

• drooling

• gnashing of teeth

• loss of food out of his mouth

• weight loss.

Usually the incisors in Guinea pigs easy to check on the deviation from normal values. But examination of the cheek teeth is much more complex. In most cases, careful examination of the teeth requires anesthesia. For a correct evaluation of dental diseases teeth are extremely useful and are informative dental radiographs.

Treatment of dental diseases depends on the type and severity of the lesion. The aim of treatment of Guinea pigs is to restore normal anatomy and function of your teeth as possible.

The technique of dental treatment includes the following methods and procedures:

• sawing (grinding) of teeth to normal length and shape

• complete removal of the affected tooth

• treatment of pain, inflammation and infection

In some cases, adding the appropriate amount of forage (primarily hay), properly chosen diet helps to keep the teeth ground off to the correct length. But even with the consumption of a sufficient quantity of hay, the majority of Guinea pigs with existing dental disease requires regular filing every 2 to 4 months throughout their life.

Owners of Guinea pigs should always carefully monitor the symptoms of diseases of the teeth of their Pets and when they are found or seek immediate veterinary care from a specialist – it takes a veterinarian ratolog (rodentology) .

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