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If you decide to have in the house a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, the first thing you will need to take care of – a place for your future pet. It is clear that it should not be put on somewhere under the door or in the draft, however, and under the battery is a bad choice. Better if at first it will be something like the cage, so that your furniture remains in one piece, as small sharp teeth Yorkshire Terrier puppy can be a real problem in the house with expensive furniture. In order not to break his head, you can buy this valerchik in one of the many specialized shops for animals. Inside this enclosure you can install the bed for the puppy toes and a toilet. At first, enough for 5-6 sections. If your puppy is still not quite accustomed to the toilet,

Unambiguous versions of the origin of the Japanese hinov does not exist today. However, one of the most probable ancestors of this breed is the Tibetan Spaniel. It is known that in Europe the Japanese chin was introduced in the XVII century. The first owner of dogs of this breed became Princess Catherine of Braganza, who received them as a gift. Then with each arriving at the European ports of Japanese courts, the Japanese hinov population increased by a few individuals. The American Commodore Perry, sent these dogs in cachestate of Queen Victoria of England. After that, local breeders decided to breed Japanese chin with the Spaniel. Today their ancestors correspond to the modern standards of the breed. What kind of animal is the Japanese chin? I must say that this is a really nice little dog,

This breed of dog very similar to the canadian eskimo dog, and therefore got this name. So the breed was originally designed for harsh Northern climate, they are very vigorous, hardy and live for quite a long time. Today, dogs of this breed often act as a home companion and delight their owners with their gorgeous appearance and wonderful character. However, sometimes they are used as guard dogs. Dark eyes American eskimo dog are oval and slightly bulging. Fluffy ears are triangular in shape and almost flush with the head. Gracefully curved high neck coat has fluffy collar. The feet of these dogs are quite short but strong. Ends level back, high set tail, which is

Dogs of this breed accompanied the representatives of the aristocratic class, Akita Prefecture in Japan, which was located in mountainous terrain. At that time they were used not only as guards but also as the bear hunters. The breeding of this breed according to the legend, a disgraced nobleman who for some reason was excommunicated from the Imperial court, with the result that he spent all his time on dogs. At some point, dogs of this breed have become an indispensable element of the aristocratic lifestyle, and the level of influence of its owner was determined luxury dog leash. Interestingly, while almost every dog had its own Keeper, who was in the service of the nobility and considered it a great honor. Already from the appearance we can understand that the Akita inu

The Australian Terrier is quite a breed of dog. Officially the time of its launch considered the second half of the nineteenth century. In Melbourne it was first introduced in 1863. In the breeding of this breed were involved in Cairn Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers, dandy Dinmont Terriers, Norwich Terriers, and Skye Terriers. Oddly enough, but the first priority in breeding this breed of dogs was fighting with rats on the farm land. Because the Australian Terrier is sometimes called the pied Piper. In addition, small dogs are quite effective in snakes and can easily cope with the protection of sheep herds. The Australian Terrier has a very thick, long, slightly wavy coarse hair bluish tan or sand color. The tail is usually docked, but not always. Paws the dog

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