Dog training at home

Dog training in home can be counterproductive and even harm the dog if you make these mistakes.

Each dog needed obedience training and daily exercises are good for health and good mood.

If you want to train the dog themselves without turning to the canine, learn about popular mistakes and how to avoid them.

Training dogs at home: 5 mistakes

Mistake # 1. More is not better

You plan on training without taking into account breed, age or physical abilities of your dog. Many owners think that the more the dog engages, the stronger will be her health. This is a mistake.

Although daily exercise is necessary for all dogs, some dogs are adapted to physical stress better than others. The Chihuahua does not require the same number of loads as the German shepherd, and a long distance runner is not necessary for any breed, and in some cases may even lead to long term injury.

Common signs that your dog is stressed and needs less intensive loadings, include soreness and increased sensitivity of the pads of the feet, prolonged periods of fatigue immediately polupriznanie and fever.

Mistake # 2. The dog lacks exercise

Diet is an important factor in maintaining your dog’s weight, but if the animal is not enough physical activity, it’s even worse than poor diet. Many owners of dogs just don’t give their Pets enough physical exercise.

Regardless of breed, size or age – if your dog is not practicing daily, you are not working out.

Mistake # 3. You do not pay attention to external factors

The environment also affects the health of dogs, as amount of exercise. Too low temperatures can cause frostbite, and too high to thermal shock. The dog could injure themselves on dangerous debris such as broken glass, ice, chips of asphalt or piles of garbage.

Also, if you live in a city with high levels of pollution, try not to walk the dog for a long time with increasing levels of air pollution.

Walk early morning and late evening, do not let her run on the sun and track the level of air quality, particularly with increasing temperature.

Mistake # 4. You are distracted

Life is full of distractions. During the day we get phone calls, texting, email and various notifications from your smartphone. While walking the dog we can communicate with friends, neighbors or the owners of other dogs. Many of us are very busy and constantly thinking about work, family, or friends about the study.

However, when you spend time with your dog, try to make her the center of your attention. The more attention you pay your dog, the less the likelihood that the dog will get in trouble.

Mistake # 5. You don’t care about intellectual pursuits

Joint walks is one of the best ways to maintain the health of the dog, however, you need to maintain not only physical activity.

According to recent studies, memory and the ability of the dog to training decreases with age and, just like people, dogs useful to train your brain.

For dogs best way to stimulate mental activity is a combination of mind games with exercise. Such tasks can be obedience training, learning new skills, and games that use fast movement and thought process such as “Aport!” and the game of hide and seek.

There are also various intelligent toys for dogs, which dog can get the treat.

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