Elite animal feed super premium class

Welcome to the online store of elite forages for Your Pets!

Offered on your choice of food super premium for dogs and cats, and vitamins for Pets and a variety of useful accessories (bowls, collars, bedding, etc.). I want to draw your attention that our catalog contains products only from trusted and reliable vendors. If you want to buy dog food holistic From Family or diets for cats, please contact our online store the elite feed for Your Pets. I hope that you will find exactly what suits your pet.

Five compelling reasons to choose an elite animal feed in our online store.

Reason # 1. Useful diets. In assortment of the online shop you will find foods of super-premium class. They vary in composition, but each of them contains only high-quality meat ingredients, as well as other items that are useful and necessary for healthy body pet. Products are developed taking into account the natural needs of cats and dogs.

Reason # 2. It is a good choice. Here you can enjoy luxury food for the animals, who differ not just in composition. You will find products for young, adults and elderly Pets – food, which is developed for the proper development in a particular age. They also differ in taste.

Reason # 3. “Holistic philosophy”. Our online store elite feed offers you to buy dog food or holistic dry for cats. The formulation is carried out in the framework of a holistic approach to pet nutrition. Ingredients are not just high quality, but also are selected in such a way as to complement each other. Holistic dry food that contains optimum amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals.

There are no harmful and unnatural for the animals, the elements, which are often used in many other products for dogs and cats, such as chemical additives, preservatives and dyes. We have you buy non-cereal feed super premium class, which are created with the care of Pets. There are no flavor additives.

Reason # 4. Delivery in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia. Book a luxury food for cats and dogs (and other goods) in online store elite feed and we will deliver them right to your door.

Reason # 5. Favorable conditions for cooperation. You can purchase dry dog food super premium or holistic dry food for the cats not only retail but also wholesale. To find out all the details of cooperation, we encourage you to contact our Manager. He tells in detail, how is working with wholesalers. So if you want to sell a luxury food for dogs and cats in your city, please call or email us.

To work with us pleasant and profitable, but importantly, you are buying only quality products.

Again, we note that our range not only dry dog food holistic, wholesome pet food for cats, but also a variety of accessories, among them homes for four-legged Pets, litter, bowls, collars, vitamins, food and supplements etc. Therefore we highly recommend to find products in the catalogue.

Want to make the animals grow up healthy and happy? Choose products with the prefix “holistic” food, developed with the care of animals.

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