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Glitter silver

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Kennel “Glitter silver” is engaged in breeding the Central Asian shepherd dogs and puppies for sale Alabai . This is one of the oldest breeds, which will become your decent defenders and true friends.

In kennel presents puppies from the manufacturers bearing the blood of the famous breed of the CIS, Russia, Europe. All Alabai have the mark, documents RKF, vaccinations by age and. Selection of parents is carried out by blood and exterior, therefore we can offer you a huge selection of puppies of various colors and types.

All dogs of our kennel, involved in breeding, have the admission in cultivation (T-1, T-2) and the titles: champion of Russia, Junior champion of Russia, champion of RKF and diplomas guard duty. All puppies are health, mentally stable and correct conformation.

Seasonal puppies of Central Asian shepherd in order to guarantee its year-round presence in the nursery. At the request of the buyer can be carried out the selection of puppy is show or pet class and their delivery to any region of Russia and abroad. The sale is made on the basis of contracts of sale.

In addition, our nursery provides assistance in dog training, adaptation, education, and preparation for exhibitions. Contact “Blackerer” – and we will provide you professional help in choosing the puppy of Central Asian shepherd dogs !

About us

Hello! We welcome You . Our nursery is in existence for nearly 10 years. And all this time the main and only breed our kennel was and still is a Central Asian shepherd, or, as it is called, Alabai. Registered in RKF kennel received only in 2011.

First sredneaziatsky, bitch named Solheim, appeared in the nursery in 2001. Then thereto was added nick. These two gorgeous bitches had good working ability and good conformation. The dogs didn’t have to tell you twice! Remarkable physical strength and endurance, a full understanding with their owners and great security features, but also strongly developed a maternal instinct – these features have become fundamental for breeding subsequent generations of the CAO in our yard.

Now a distinctive feature of the nursery “the Luster of silver” is systematically built breeding work with the breed, growing puppies and adults in a specially designed program of natural feed, without added drugs and other substances frequently used for the proper development of heavy dogs as well as continuous show career of some individuals. Nursery for life supports counselling and providing any other assistance Pets, released from under the “wing” of the nursery.

In the kennel “Glitter silver” is linebreeding in the dog kennel is consolidated of blood the prominent founders of the famous lines from the CAO kennels of Russia and the CIS, there is a selection of parents by blood and exterior with the aim of improving the herd and the breed in General.

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