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It is not known when and how these animals have become an integral part of human life, but without evidence it is clear that the dog as a companion and friend is the best thing that could happen to people. These amazing creatures, given to us in the generous gift of fate, the staggering variety of individuals.

Take a look at breeds of dogs – say, a miniature Chihuahua that can easily fit in your pocket: on the background of a giant St. Bernard the size of a good pony this little one looks just ridiculous. And such vivid contrasts among representatives of the dog tribe do not count.

How is it that this creation was not originally characterized by excessive friendliness, chose people as their first companion? Clearly, some predators of the canine family have fascinated people for its unique protective qualities. Consider at least modern dog breeds with Photos – and a cursory glance is enough to suspect the properties of a great guard dogs, Rottweilers or Dobermans, right? And primitive man – where intuitively, where empirically – different from four-legged predators were identified and eventually trained dog guard, dog hunter, dog guide, dog-friend.

Today there are more than 400 breeds of dogs, each of motoryclists with a purpose. Conventionally, all varieties can be divided into several categories: service dogs, guard and decorative. If the selection of a pet to be taken lightly, going on about instinctive sympathy, he can be a great “get stuck”: for instance, active by nature, spaniels, devoid of long walks in the fresh air, in the absence of the owner can easily post the apartment on the chips.

Looking at such inconsistencies, wonder, is the ancestor of all species of canids the family was the same animal? Experts believe that dogs are descended from a related, but different ancestors Jackal, wolf and the mythical primitive dogs, numbering several varieties, which gave rise to different breeds. Today there is no answer to the question, from whom did the Dogo Argentino or what animals are the ancestors of the Maltese, however, it is well established that the dog was the first wild creature, domesticated and tamed by man.

The dog showed himself to be an excellent hunter is sensitive and obedient to voice commands? So, you need to coach her on catching a certain animal and breed it to a similar instance. The dog demonstrates a distrust of outsiders, expressed aggression towards the enemies? This is the direct road to a guard dog, protects the house from intruders, while herding the flocks from attacks by predators. It is clear that for those 10 millennia, during which the dog has brightened earth, but their purpose has changed, and accordingly was changed and the appearance and character of the Pets.

This does not mean that, having a Fox Terrier, you’ll need to periodically give him Fox hunting, but to provide him with a stable physical exercise in the fresh air will have. But if you want a friend for your soul with a minimum of hassle, get decorative dog that does not require complex care. A good choice of breed – the guarantee of a harmonious relationship with your new family member.

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