How Pets make us happier

Now, there are arguments to make in home and office animal. The horse, for example 🙂

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How Pets make us happier

The influence of Pets on the emotional state

Psychologists at the University of Miami found that those who have Pets: 1. more responsible 2. more sociable

Moreover, they: 1. higher self-esteem 2. better relationships with others

Are you sad? 1. Pat the dog. This will increase the level transmitters “good mood”, as well as endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and prolactin. 2. Think about your pet. Studies show that people suffer less from loneliness or separation, if we think about Pets.

You have a stressful job? Find out whether you can bring a pet. The dog in the office: 1. reduces the stress level of the host. 2. helps to better work colleagues.

Students who have a dog and/or cat, are less susceptible to depression and loneliness. Children who have both a cat and a dog, more sensitive than those who have one pet or none at all.

Animal future Dog-robots in nursing homes helping older people to feel more useful and not so lonely. Studies have shown that these dogs affect us the same way as chetveronogijj of flesh and blood.

Animals help us feel better because they: 1. Able to seize our attention, to distract and help relax. 2. Support us, thereby reducing the level of stress. 3. You can cuddle!

You just need four-legged friend!

Pets – a godsend for lazy people In 54% of cases, breeders get the necessary physical activity, unlike people without four-legged friends. Children also lead a more active lifestyle if they have a dog.

They reduce the level of stress a Study in which took part new York stock brokers suffering from high blood pressure, showed that taken from the shelter dogs and cats lower blood pressure better than any medication.

Swedish scientists have found that when we spend time with the dog, reducing the frequency of heart beats and the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

The Council . Pets do not let in the bedroom at night. According to the doctors of the Mayo Clinic, this increases the number of sleep disorders. (By the way, women are more likely than men to allow their Pets to sleep in bed.)

Animals are treated “Animals-healers”: dogs, cats, rabbits, wolves, horses, llamas. 900 therapy sessions 2007 held Royo, Lama, together with his “colleagues” from clinics in Oregon.

Relationships with Pets 63% of people consider Pets family members. Selfless love and support People quickly come to their senses after a stressful situation with their pet than a spouse or friend. Why? Because animals won’t condemn us.

Need a wingman on your date? According to the American kennel club, 46% of women claim that will stop and talk to the man who walks with a cute puppy

What animal suits you?

Dogs vs. cats (birds and fish) When searching for a pet choose who is right for you. Studies have shown that we are able to give human qualities to all animals and consider them friends.

To provide you with a puppy was a close connection, select anyone likes plenty of attention. According to research, the owners are more attached to dogs that do not depart from them.

How Pets make us happier
Now, there are arguments to make in home and office animal. The horse, for example :) Infographics is translated to English. Ask for the translation from any language :) How…

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