Allergic to cats and dogs

Allergies excite not only the smaller hairs and undercoat of wool of domestic animals and tiny remnants of stool and skin mites and particles in the epidermis of animals.

In addition, a certain contribution in the initiation of allergic reactions bring the particles of eye, ear secretions and feces remaining on the anus.

Symptoms of Allergy to cats and dogs

Most often the allergies cause the cats and everything connected with them. Classic picture of allergic reaction — profuse secretion of tears and saliva, bronchospasm, allergic rhinitis. swelling of the nose and throat, coughing and sneezing to chest pain — can proceed in serious asthma attacks, to burden ourselves with the redness of eye membranes .

Believed to be an allergic reaction may be burdened by personal aversion to the smell of cat urine and the acrid secretions of the anal glands, and smelly cat food. However, in this case, angioedema almost incredible, were not revealed deaths associated with allergies to cats and wool. Continue reading

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American scientists named the most dangerous pet

The most dangerous pet

American scientists have come to the conclusion that one of the most dangerous animals is… a turtle! No, water red-turtle – cute and kind animals, which are very fond of children, but they are carriers of deadly human diseases. How not to get a pet and maintain your health and life?

Nowadays many people want to have at home an exotic pet: prestigious and fashionable, and the most interesting.

Especially in this plan to “get” turtles, especially red.This kind of massively turtles sold in pet stores and shops.

Young turtles the size of 5-6 cm are happy to buy the kids for fun, unaware that the animal can conceal a deadly threat to the life and health of the child.

But dangerous turtle is not like the wily beast it is all right. Have a good and harmless animal danger lurks inside the turtle is a distributor of Salmonella – acute intestinal infection. The disease is deadly and is especially severe in children. Continue reading

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