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Pregnancy and Pets

Close contact with Pets during pregnancy can cause the woman is a dangerous infection that may affect the future health of mother and baby and interfere with normal pregnancy.

Information of Course, Pets are not as dangerous as homeless people: they are kind and well-groomed, clean and well looked-after, but, nevertheless, during pregnancy you should exclude all possible risks and dangers.

Pregnancy and dog

A loyal friend of the family – the dog, though, and lives at home, but often walks on the street and can meet on a walk street congener, with which, in most cases, it comes in contact. Such “Dating” is even end a fight. Sometimes he can pick up something from the ground and eat. Thus, a house dog can become a carrier of the rabies virus or worms.

Rabies is a disease fatal, so her hurt is not worth it ever! A dog must be vaccinate against this disease in advance.

Helminths (or worms) can cause pregnant intoxication or anemia, and even have a pathological effect on the fetus. Continue reading

What’s the harm and benefit of dry food for animals

Very often pet owners think of its translation with natural feeding on dry food. Feeding “straight” is of course fine, if you can provide your pet a balanced natural feeding . and not scraps from the master’s table. Whether dog or cat, they need to cook, food should be freshly made, additionally pet needs vitamins, minerals, trace elements. But if the animal in your home not one? And if you have a kennel of some large dogs? Personally, I do not envy you, if you feed this bunch of “straight”. Probably you have the whole day standing at the stove, and in his spare time running around the markets in search of fresh meat for Pets. Feeding with natural food, (I believe), the lesson long, boring and useless in our 21st century. The entire civilized world feeds their Pets industrial ready made food. All is already invented to us, dogs and cats employ entire factories and the veterinary industry. In Russia, many pet owners believe that dry food is dry bread, and some biscuits to sustain him. This is a misconception. Dry food is a precisely balanced nutrition for your animals, you can count on throughout life to feed your pet the right food. Continue reading

Animal diseases

The main causes of death of fish in the aquarium

The problem of death of fish are familiar to novice aquarium hobbyists. Usually the reason for this phenomenon is the inappropriate conditions of detention. The task of every owner of a mini-pond is to be created for its inhabitants in conditions close to natural. The aquarium should from time to time, to clean, to use artificial light and not to forget the saturation of water with oxygen.

Diseases of goldfish and methods of treatment

Fish, like other living beings, often get sick. And then they need medical care. Regarding prevention, it is best to use for the aquarium running water, give the fish is still alive and vegetable diet and avoid spikes in water temperature.

Than sick rabbits and how to treat them?

Many diseases of rabbits directly depend on the conditions in which the animals live. Therefore, setting the stage for this pet, be sure to read the rules of care. The rabbits cage should be timely cleaned and disinfected. If possible, the cage should be washed every day, and when the rabbits offspring must-see rabbits in the presence of disease.

How to understand that the animal was poisoned, and cure it? Continue reading

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