Most large breed dogs

This ranking of the greatest dogs was made according to the standards of their breed dogs. Of course, there are exceptions when the dogs considerably exceed its standard size. But this is a deviation in genetics.

Usually to large breeds of dogs carry more 70 see These dogs need extra care and a long, active walks. Such Pets and need more food. But to live in the apartment it is not worth it.

If you decide to have such a dog, then weigh the pros and cons, because the content of a giant is a very big responsibility.

1. The English Mastiff. It is the largest dog among dogs, largest Mastiff. Hulk may on average weigh 113 kg. In ancient Babylon, these dogs were used for catching wild horses. Interestingly, the word “Martinus” translates from Latin as “the dog-horse”. Awesome analogy, isn’t it? One of the biggest English Mastiff Hercules. It was almost like a horse. His neck a circumference of 96 cm and weighs 128 kg. he is Truly a great monster. The owner claims that this is a natural weight dog. He didn’t put him on a special diet and fed regular feed. Hercules grew, grew, grew, grew. But Hercules could not become the best. According to the Guinness book of world records, the largest dog – Zorba. Its height is 94cm. and weighs nearly 156 kg.

2. Great Dane. According to the standards of the growth of great Dane in dogs at least 80 cm at the withers.The weight reaches 90 kg. it is quiet, but by playing they can easily overwhelm the host to the ground not realizing their huge size. Meet George the great Dane in the world. Its length more than two meters, the height of a meter and weighs more than 111 kg. It can match with a hand of an adult male. His master says that Hulk eats per month 50 kgs of feed. And the doggy is sleeping on his own double bed. Until it became such a giant, he slept with the hosts in the same bed. Journey is a painful topic for the owners of the huge dog, because he can hardly fit in their SUV. While George was still a puppy, the owners were not even aware of how huge it will grow. They are so in love with your pet that changed the house, when the old became too crowded.

3. Irish wolfhound. In Russia, the breed appeared in the middle of the 19th century. This is a big, muscular dog, of pleasant appearance. Growth starts at 79 cm and weighs 55 kg. Very often the representatives of this breed of dogs live in urban apartments. There they stretched lazily and allow the children to crawl by himself and Tinker with as a toy. Due to their size these dogs are popular in the cinema. The most famous films with Irish wolfhounds: “the Countess de Monsoreau”, “Soldier’s Decameron”, “Farewell, doctor Freud”. This is not a complete list of feature films with participation of this wonderful breed. This is a great show dog, with breeders and dog stylists this kind was to win not only in their groups, but also becomes best in show-the exhibition. Interesting fact: Irish wolfhound appeared in the logo whiskey Tullamore Dew .

4. The Scottish Deerhound. Usually the growth starts from 76 cm and weighs 45-50 kg. the breed is a Hunting dog, very strong, active and loyal. Her easy to train. And other Pets she is very friendly. It will also become a good friend to your children. To train him from early childhood, as an adult Deerhound will be very stubborn. Necessary for the maintenance of the countryside or a private house. In the apartment, the dog is a small place, and you will not know where to go from wool. She needs daily exercise, but to overwhelm the pet is not worth it. A very rare breed. In 2009, Russia had a total of 2 real Scottish Deerhound in Moscow. Bought them in England for breeding. The drawback of this breed is its short lifespan: they rarely live more than 10 years. Another unpleasant surprise will be the predisposition of dogs to flatulence. Because after meals better to do with your pet.

5. Leonberger. Powerful, confident, majestic, handsome with soft thick hair. Growth starts from 72 cm weight – 50-80 kg. Very smart and calm dog that will be a good friend and guard. Will wholeheartedly protect you, but don’t stoop to teams. His Highness will understand what you want from him. This breed absorbed in itself all best qualities of its progenitors (Pyrenean dog, the St. Bernard, black and white Newfoundland). The Leonberger is a dog of luxury worthy of kings. One of the most rare not only in the CIS but all over the world. He and the shepherd, and the guard, and even a lifeguard!

English Mastiff protects its prey.

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