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Animals serve as a source of money and resources on your farm. They can typically be obtained only after a building is constructed on the farm that is suitable to house them (a coop for chickens, for example) and with the exception of the horse and the pet, must either be purchased from Marnie’s Ranch or hatched from an incubator. In either case, these animals arrive as babies and must grow into adults before they begin producing animal products.

Animals that live in coops (chickens, ducks, rabbits and dinosaurs) have a chance each morning of producing products (usually eggs) that can be gathered by hand. Using the Milk Pail. cows can usually be milked daily, and goats can usually be milked once every two days. Sheep can be sheared with the Shears when their wool grows in, and pigs can be let outside to dig up truffles.



Buildings can be purchased from the Carpenter’s Shop. Continue reading

Small children and Pets

Small children and Pets. Unlike toys, animal runs, breathes, plays, and robs children of their worries and stress. Because kids really need to be able to talk, to caress, to complain with Pets, especially in the case when the adults pay them little attention.

Children timid, closed, indecisive cat, hamster or dog are in the friend zone. Children trust them with secrets, joys and sorrows. Animals their existence to smooth away the loneliness of a child, especially when parents have their own life. That is, Pets are psychotherapy for children, as well as a means of developing the immune system.

People and animals

The relationship between animal and man has ancient roots. Their relationship is described in the literature and reflected in folklore and art. People attribute human qualities to the animal. But very often it happens that, in fact, a pet becomes a devoted helper for the man, and even his friend.

Pets are beneficial for humans and especially children. Recently in family and child psychotherapy are widely used lessons involving Pets. Continue reading

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