Super smart animals

It is impossible to determine whether one animal is smarter than another, IQ tests for animals yet. But you can make a credible list of the most intelligent animals, not trying to say that some of them are smarter and some dumber.

A chimpanzee known for her ability to think. Interesting fact that they even plan their future, in advance of considering further action. Based on the latest research, the genetic base chimpanzee coincides with a human is 98.7 %. This suggests that the evolutionary path of humans and chimpanzees separated six

According to the scientists, African baboons similar to the person in terms of behavior. They have a complex social system, they may experience stress and are able to think abstractly.

Many people believe that dogs do not possess sufficient intelligence is just good learning. But it’s wrong. Our smaller friends can tell the difference between pictures of nature pictures of dogs. This suggests that they have, in varying degrees, expressed the view of your dog “I”. Also dogs can learn up to 300 words, the mind is compared with the mind year-old child. Continue reading

Anyone don’t need to keep at home

All animals are beautiful, and they are so different is a graceful and clumsy, majestic and funny. We like them. And for most reason I want to have a pet, is its visual appeal. This desire is understandable, but we should think about the consequences of its implementation. And they can be very different, but quite predictable.

So how do you determine who should get and keep the house, and who is not? It is important to consider several key points that will help you make the right decision and not to make unhappy yourself and your future pet.

1. What do you expect from this “Union”? If you need a affectionate friend, a faithful companion, a family member – you don’t need that exotic animals. These roles are suitable for only those animals who for centuries live side by side with man, do not show him aggression and adapted to cohabitation. These are our dogs and cats. Hamsters, rabbits, Guinea pigs, rats, ferrets is also suitable for intimate Union, but their need to communicate with someone small. If you want to enjoy the beauty, variety of colors, graceful movements, silence, – turn your aquarium. If you like singing or want to speak with a pet “human”, for you parrots – of Corella, lovebirds, wavy and singing birds – Canaries, finches. Continue reading

How Pets make us happier

Now, there are arguments to make in home and office animal. The horse, for example 🙂

Infographics is translated to English. Ask for the translation from any language 🙂

How Pets make us happier

The influence of Pets on the emotional state

Psychologists at the University of Miami found that those who have Pets: 1. more responsible 2. more sociable

Moreover, they: 1. higher self-esteem 2. better relationships with others

Are you sad? 1. Pat the dog. This will increase the level transmitters “good mood”, as well as endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and prolactin. 2. Think about your pet. Studies show that people suffer less from loneliness or separation, if we think about Pets.

You have a stressful job? Find out whether you can bring a pet. The dog in the office: 1. reduces the stress level of the host. 2. helps to better work colleagues. Continue reading

What animal is the smartest

For anybody not a secret that humans are not the only intelligent beings on the planet. Animals accompanying humans for many years, produce warmth and benefit, is also very smart. And then the question arises: which animal is the smartest? The answer is always ambiguous . If you take five scholars and ask them this question, you can get as many answers that are clearly distinct from each other.

The problem is that it is rather difficult to characterize all the animals on the same level of intelligence. Someone able to communicate, others, affect their abilities to adapt to the environment, and others do an excellent job with the obstacles. Scientists have repeatedly tried to figure out how the brain works animals. People definitely call themselves the most intelligent creatures. The human brain is able to think, remember and reproduce various information, analyze and draw conclusions. But, as it turns out, this ability is inherent not only to people. Below is a list of the most intelligent animals, in their abilities to think not much different from the Homo sapiens.

A list of 10 most intelligent animals

10 is the position of the toothed whale. Warm-blooded animal, making a mysterious move in the ocean. Continue reading

Prevention of rabies in animals

Rabies is a viral nature and refers to a group of especially dangerous diseases common to humans and animals. On the disease is not affected neither climatic factors nor geographic situation, as rabies is recorded on all continents except Australia, and is the object of permanent attention of international organizations of medical and veterinary science. Are distinguished: natural type of rabies, the centers of which are formed by wild animals (wolf. Fox, raccoon dog, Fox, bats) and an urban type of rabies (dogs. cats, farm animals). The source of infection for humans are animals that are in the incubation period of the disease, or with a clinical picture of rabies. In the human body, the rabies virus enters through the bite or licks or rabid animal through a wound or microdamages skin, rarely of the mucous membrane. It is also possible aerosol mechanism of transmission. Some time the virus is in place, the implementation is approximately from several hours to 6 days. Further, it is rapidly spreading through the nervous system. Modern medicine does not know methods of treatment of rabies, however, to prevent the disease. This is a specific prevention of rabies, the introduction of a special vaccine against rabies, not later than 14 days from the moment of the bite. Therefore should know the basic rules, compliance with which will help prevent rabies: — do Not approach and do not iron the homeless animals. The animal can be contagious even before the appearance of the first symptoms of rabies, when it looks quite healthy. Explain all this to their children. Continue reading

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If you want to have in your home intellectually gifted dog when choosing a pet based only on the mental abilities of a certain breed. A good host must educate…

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