Pets and children

Probably all children, irrespective of age, love Pets (large and small). Fluffy kittens and playful puppies are the most faithful friends! But have you thought at your leisure at least once, why are we so drawn to various Pets, why do we feel the need for them?

I decided to find out what can be useful Pets for kids . and found on the Internet quite a lot of interesting information, which I gladly want to share with you.

The most important point seemed to me that how these Pets . which people keep in homes, affect health, vitality and activity of our kids. Many psychologists believe that the games are silent or, on the contrary, active children with domestic animals have a positive effect on their psyche. This statement really surprised me. In particular, it turns out, easily excitable child — it is better to buy a cat that is silent and does not show to the child of any hostility. Clearly, it is not recommended to give the child fearful of cats “by nature”, especially the yard, you need to carefully choose the breed of cat. Plus, in the society of the animal, the child will be no problem sleeping alone in his room, even if he has a small fear of the dark. At the same time the child grows moral cheescake a while he will feel affection for the pet, will learn to be friends with him, and, more importantly, to care. If your baby is playful . then buy him a charming Labrador. This is a nice, very good-natured animals, the child will experience the peace, looking at them, and see that the animals like to communicate with him.

Also, I learned about these special sessions, health activities for children like horseback riding. It would seem, what in it such? But experts are unequivocal in stating that after these sessions the child develops motor activity, improved coordination in space. The baby learns to trust the “partner” to communicate with him while walking, resulting in the affirmation produced, and he feels more relaxed.

If you are afraid to buy Pets for their kids because of possible allergies to wool have your baby. Here again I want to stand on the side that you took the critter home. But, for some reason allergists the U.S. have shown that the risk of allergic reactions in young children is much lower if the house has a few domestic animals. According to the results of the research, which involved more than 500 children over 5 years old, it became apparent that almost all the children . who live in the apartment pet fee . have a greater resistance to allergies. Doctors explain this by the fact that the immunity of the little man “learns” to correctly deal with the irritants of the mucous membranes, thus the resistance to various types of allergies increases.

The choice of course is yours, but hopefully one the scales I managed to obesity. But I forgot the most important argument — just remember myself as a child and all will become clear!

Psychologist Olga Nikitina told about cohabitation of animals and children.

cohabitation of animals and children

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I wonder what else on this topic read?

The age-old question that will always worry the parents is the education of how to act in a given situation, what to say, how to explain. Every parent is faced with a choice.

The game is a powerful means of educating the child. Games help physical and mental development, acquisition of work skills and habits, which are produced outside of games. For games and activities in the apartments.

I think everyone has heard that currently many mental and disorders are treated or corrected by communicating with our smaller brethren. So why not use.

There are conflicts in the family at all, but they most often occur between parents and children. On the one hand, every parent wants to be perfect, to please my baby and fulfill all her desires, and S.

For all parents at some point in time there is a problem when their children are trying to manipulate them. Some are amenable to manipulation and risk becoming a hostage to the children’s whims and tantrums.

I believe that children and adults love Pets and attract thanks to their sincerity, we can trust them especially the children who are starved for attention and lack of communication with friends.

American researchers have studied the effect of the animal within the family home, the climate and mental development. The results were surprising: the most “useful” in this sense, the Pets turned out to be… a chinchilla.

The communication with these animals increases the mental potential of the child. At least, that shows an experiment involving 1000 volunteers. Chinchilla and degu positively affected by 79% of small owners, rabbits and all rodents to “improve” grades, 61% of respondents, the appearance of a cat changed the situation for the better in 40% of cases, the appearance of the dog — 36%.

However, what animal didn’t choose to have parents, observers almost always noted changes in the child’s behavior from their top ratings to just good mood. In addition, soon after the appearance of pet in children have improved communication skills.

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