“Pets and security when dealing with them”

To acquaint students with the rules of safe behavior when dealing with Pets.

Review and discuss with the children the typical dangerous situations of possible contact with Pets.

To bring good relationship to animals.

To instill good hygiene after contact with Pets.

Equipment: subject pictures with images of animals, cards with the words – the actions of animals, pictures of dangerous situations in dealing with Pets.

Forms of work . individual, group, collective.

Methods . verbal, visual, practical

Preparatory work – quiz

Message objectives

The new study – Compilation of the cluster; – Work in groups with pictures; – physical exercises; – discussion of the story

II. Preparatory work

guys, guess riddles. (After guessing on the Board posted pictures of animals).

What a beast playing with me? Not groaning, not laughing, not barking, Attacking balls. Hides in the paws claws. (female)

Drove the horns to go Walking in the meadows. And horn Acquired in the evening with milk. (cow)

The owner is friendly, the House is guarded, Living under the porch,its Tail curled. (dog)

Neck stretched out, hissing. Pinch you want. Loudly shout: Ha-ha-ha! We are not afraid of the enemy. Hearty bird grandmom have These little white … (geese)!

I loudly buzzing, flying,

Honey healing gathering.

All helpful and charming

III. The topic message

Guys, how to say the common word, who is it?

Today in class we will talk about Pets and safe dealing with them.

IV. Learning a new

1) Preparation of the cluster

Guys, why do we need Pets?

– And can they be dangerous to humans?

On the Board posted the words – the actions of animals.

– What are the dangers of each of these animals? (In the course of the students ‘ answers, the teacher will guide a couple: pictures of animals and their actions that represent a danger to humans.)

Assignment: a short story explaining what happened and why? (discussion in groups and presentation).

– Whose story is the most successful?

3) Discussion of the story

– Guys, often in life we have to deal with cats and dogs. Do you think that in some cases, dog attacks on humans? (Answers of children.)


Vasya and Katya was a cat. In the spring the cat was gone, and the children couldn’t find her. Once they are played and heard over my head meowing. Bob shouted to Katya: – I Found a cat and kittens! Come here quick. There were five kittens. When they grew up, the children chose one kitten, black with white paws. They fed him, played with him and put himself to sleep. Once the children went to play on the road and took the kitten. They got distracted as the kitten played one. Suddenly they heard someone shouting: “back, Back!”; — and saw that the hunter rode, and ahead of his two dogs. Saw a kitten and want to grab it. And the kitten, silly. Have sharbil back and looking at dogs. The dog wanted to grab the kitten, but Bob ran up, fell on his stomach on kitten and closed it from the dogs.

– What kind of animal is referred to in the story?

As the children cared for the kitten?

Is it safe did Bob when they closed the belly of the kitten from dogs?

V. results

– What we talked about in class? (About the rules of safe behavior with animals.)

– Name them. (Students ‘ answers)

– Our lesson I want to finish the song “don’t mess with the dogs.” The soundtrack sounds .

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