Popular dog breeds

The breed is called man large enough group of animals having a common origin, the same characteristic of economic beneficial properties and characteristics of the type of Constitution, conformation, is stably inherited. Rocks are constantly improving under the influence of purposeful selection and the selection in the desired direction of the person. Our country is big work on improvement of existing and creation of new, necessary for the national economy breeds. For example, created such breed of dogs as the black Terrier, Moscow watchdog, and others. The standard of the breed . Requirements currently to the breeds of dogs specified in the relevant standards. The standard is the basic document in determining the Constitution and conformation dogs. Any deviation from the Constitution and from the exterior of the standard are divided into faults and defects. The disadvantages include a slight deviation from the standard that does not obstruct the breeding and use of service dogs. To vices, including disqualifying, are pronounced deviations that impede tribal official or the use of dogs. Vices . very bright, convex and varies in color and size of eyes; teeth with damaged enamel; sagging or roach back; pronounced feet turning inwards or outwards, splayed legs; the effects of rickets; cowardice, etc. Disqualifying faults . all deviations from the correct bite; cryptorchidectomy or full; underdeveloped testes; colour as prescribed by the breed standard.

Service dog breeds

Sporting dog breeds

Hunting dog breeds

Greyhounds of the breed There are several breeds of hounds: the Borzoi; Greyhound Horta; the Central Asian Greyhound; Greyhound tazy; Taigan hound; South Russian hound (steppe); the Afghan hound.

Hounds rock hounds Russians appeared in Russia a long time, but the first information about them apply only in the XIX century, Other breeds of hounds bred by crossing with foxhounds, beagles, etc.

Cops Cops rocks are divided by origin into English (island) and the continental. English cops are different keen eye, a distant search long and hard resistant, so are used at a high level of development of the hunting economy. By type of wool are divided into shorthaired and longhaired. English cops (pointer, setter) looking for game mostly upper flair. Continental pointing dogs were bred on the European continent. By type of wool they are divided into shorthaired, longhaired and Wirehaired. Continental pointing (German, Hungarian etc.) are looking for a game both upper and lower instincts, moving at speeds and make stops for disassembly of the track.

Spaniels In the nineteenth century in England emerged and developed as a breed two varieties of spaniels: Springer Spaniel is quite large and quick dog, and the Cocker Spaniel is a smaller dog derived from crossing poodle with a small (now mostly bred by dog lovers as a decorative). Springer Spaniel (“Bouncing”) is different from the Cocker as those of larger growth, and set high and shorter ears. In addition, the Springer Spaniel is never monochromatic. Before the October socialist revolution in Russia spaniels were one. After the great Patriotic war from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the GDR had imported high-pedigree producers. As a result of breeding in our country has formed its own type of Spaniel. In 1951 approved the breed standard Russian hunting Spaniel that best meets the conditions of hunting in our country.

Huskies Huskies – dogs with unusually developed hunting instinct. They are successfully used for different types of hunting (small game, big game in group or solitary hunting) at any time of the year. When the content in an urban setting they did not lose their hunting qualities.

Norn breed To hunt Fox, raccoon dog, badger, as well as for catching beavers and check beaver lodges are used two groups of breeds of hunting dogs – Terriers and dachshunds.

Decorative dog breed

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