Pregnancy and Pets

Close contact with Pets during pregnancy can cause the woman is a dangerous infection that may affect the future health of mother and baby and interfere with normal pregnancy.

Information of Course, Pets are not as dangerous as homeless people: they are kind and well-groomed, clean and well looked-after, but, nevertheless, during pregnancy you should exclude all possible risks and dangers.

Pregnancy and dog

A loyal friend of the family – the dog, though, and lives at home, but often walks on the street and can meet on a walk street congener, with which, in most cases, it comes in contact. Such “Dating” is even end a fight. Sometimes he can pick up something from the ground and eat. Thus, a house dog can become a carrier of the rabies virus or worms.

Rabies is a disease fatal, so her hurt is not worth it ever! A dog must be vaccinate against this disease in advance.

Helminths (or worms) can cause pregnant intoxication or anemia, and even have a pathological effect on the fetus.

Pregnancy and cat

Additionally, the worst Thing that You can bring affectionate cat is toxoplasmosis . a parasitic disease that always occurs in stratosphere, but is of great danger to the fetus.

It is especially dangerous if the expectant mother first met with the infection during pregnancy. Toxoplasma easily crosses the placenta to the fetus, and the higher the gestational age, the easier it is to do it. It should be noted that although in the first trimester, the likelihood of penetration of the parasite to the fetus is only 5%, but the consequences of its disastrous effects (blindness, deafness, lesions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the baby).

But if Your blood is circulating antibodies to the disease (during pregnancy planning it is better to have blood tests on all the hidden infections), then You have nothing to fear.

If antibodies are not . then it is recommended to refuse to purchase a pet in the house, and other people’s cats too, better to ignore. If the house already has a cat, it should definitely show the vet. Especially if she sometimes walks “by itself”. Because in addition to toxoplasmosis, the cat may become a carrier of rabies, worms or other infections.

Other animals in the house

Rodents (hamsters and rats) can become carriers of yersiniosis, and budgie – psittacosis. In both cases there is the risk of allergic reactions to feathers, feathers, wool, manure.

Some in the house lives a turtle that in 90% of cases is a carrier of salmonellosis. So after talking with her be sure to wash hands with soap and water!

For or against

Walking in the fresh air daily make owners with their Pets, be a good way to maintain physical activity and enrich the body with oxygen. A pregnant woman and that’s what it takes;

Communication with your pet is a lot of fun, it’s nice when someone is always near, meets at the threshold, wagging its tail, can listen without interrupting;

Treatment with animals is a scientifically proven fact. For example, it is known that cats have the ability to determine what and where it hurts, when you lie down on this place, they can significantly reduce the manifestation of pain. Watching fish can reduce stress symptoms;

Rehearsal responsibility. Indeed, a pet requires a lot of attention and care, sometimes not less than a small child. So it’s a good way to understand what lies ahead.

The vectors of infection, probably, the only negative against Pets.

To abandon already living in the house Pets or not?

it is important of Course, it’s up to You! If You leave to live with a cat or dog, it’s worth myself and the unborn child a bit to be safe, it is recommended to adhere to some basic rules.

Cleaning trays or cages of animals, it is better to pass on to other family members (husband, children). If this is impossible, then when cleaning the cage, use rubber gloves;

Always wash your hands before eating;

Try not to feed the animal from their plates;

Do not let him in bed;

Definitely take him to the vet and get him vaccinated.

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