At the present time people woke up a great interest in keeping reptiles in his apartment as a home pet. And many from among the owners of such Pets become real lovers and have several different representatives of this class. This contributes to a huge selection.

Many species of reptiles attractive simplicity of the content, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need care or attention. Some species are adapted to live in a fairly large temperature range, making them the most durable kind.

Sometimes the size of your pet is of paramount importance and therefore, easier to keep and care for medium-sized or small species. Another important factor when deciding to own a reptile is its docile nature, not many of them like it when pick them up.

Lizards too demanding and whimsical creatures. Therefore they should be treated with kindness and care. Need daily wiping with a cloth soaked in warm water, and after dry with a towel. Once a week you should bathe your lizard . let her swim, but be careful that she didn’t drown. Need every two or three days to change the cage in the straw and wipe it with a damp cloth. Once every two niteliklere fully wash the aquarium with a special product for this purpose. Food lizards varied. Some species eat vegetable food (vegetables and fruits), other animal ( insects . mice, worms, etc.). Lizards have to take vitamins and minerals. For eating vegetable food, preparing a special mixture to boiled rice etc. For those species that feed on animal food, should be some manipulation of food, for example, in mice and rats the injection of essential vitamins and nutrients, and the insects falling in the powder special compound of minerals and vitamins.

Snakes are also popular as Pets but mostly the preference is given to non-poisonous species. You should not forget that they are still carnivorous creatures and therefore they are fed live mice, frogs, fish etc. of course this requires certain material costs, but feed an adult snake once a week. Some species can go without food for several months. Snakes should be kept in a special terrarium with maintaining certain temperature and humidity. You should learn to feel and understand the mood of snakes . as during the moult, they can “fall” into a state of complete indifference. Home of the terrarium can be purchased turtles both aquatic and terrestrial. The maintenance and care of these species is significantly different from each other. For example, aquatic turtles in the diet of compulsorily introduced raw meat (chicken, beef, except pork) and fish, land – only vegetarian food. For turtles it is necessary to strictly follow the temperature and hygiene conditions. The aquarium for water turtles should be arranged so that she had the opportunity not only to swim, but to stay on land. For terrestrial species, you should choose the horizontal type terrarium, several times exceeding the size of the animal.

The content of amphibians at home is very time consuming compared to other reptiles. You must constantly monitor humidity and temperature. Amphibians are very attractive and exotic, it’s easy to injure and so undesirable to take them up. Basically, the diet of amphibians are insects and other invertebrates, depending on species it may include a mouse, fish, slugs. Insects can breed or catch yourself in the forest area. Not all amphibians do not like to eat live food, feeding food with tweezers to mimic their movement.

Choosing a reptile as a pet, it is desirable to know in advance about all the subtleties of maintenance and care.

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