Small children and Pets

Small children and Pets. Unlike toys, animal runs, breathes, plays, and robs children of their worries and stress. Because kids really need to be able to talk, to caress, to complain with Pets, especially in the case when the adults pay them little attention.

Children timid, closed, indecisive cat, hamster or dog are in the friend zone. Children trust them with secrets, joys and sorrows. Animals their existence to smooth away the loneliness of a child, especially when parents have their own life. That is, Pets are psychotherapy for children, as well as a means of developing the immune system.

People and animals

The relationship between animal and man has ancient roots. Their relationship is described in the literature and reflected in folklore and art. People attribute human qualities to the animal. But very often it happens that, in fact, a pet becomes a devoted helper for the man, and even his friend.

Pets are beneficial for humans and especially children. Recently in family and child psychotherapy are widely used lessons involving Pets.

Successes such psychotherapeutic treatment known in detais developmental delays, in children with behavior problems, like hyperactivity, autism, increased aggression, and children who suffer from various neuroses.

Riding on horseback

This type of psychotherapy is most popular in Israel. One of the owners of the farm, Oded Tamm, said: “it is Impossible to measure and evaluate the relationship between man and horse in monetary terms. The horse is an intelligent and loyal friend. The horse trusts the man and for his sake will jump off a cliff or into the fire. It is not yet fall, will run”.

While riding to activate the movement coordination, sensorimotor integration, orientation in space, it utilizes all muscle groups, increases self-esteem and dignity. In children who have problems with learning, attention, motor functions were observed a significant improvement in the condition.

Cat, dog and other small brothers

The child who suffers from stuttering, it is much easier to find contact with animals than with humans. Because the animal is as small, silent and helpless as a child. The child can hug, caress, play with the animals. Pets can help your child overcome fear of being alone in the temporary absence of his parents.

When dealing with animals in children is the emotional growth and maturity. This communication contributes to the development of the baby’s sensitivity, the ability to empathize, feelings of attachment to others, overcome feelings of envy. In short, communication with animals contributes to the emotional development of the child.

Looking at a cat, a hamster or a dog calms down a hyperactive child, he learns to follow the power of their movements. During these contacts it is very important the presence of adults. The animal accepts the child for what he is, and the child feels it, it facilitates communication with the animal, the kid trusts him. The animal acts as an intermediary, it opens the child’s door in the world and in relationships with older people.

Immunity and Pets

Before the doctors warned that due to the animal’s children may have an allergic reaction. But U.S. pediatricians conducted a series of studies and found that if you have at least two dogs or cats, this leads to the fact that the risk of allergies in children is reduced. For example, a pediatrician from the medical College of Georgia – Dennis Ownby conducted a study, which was attended by 474 children aged from 6 years. This experiment tested their reaction to different allergens. The results showed that about 77% of children who live in the family Pets have a high resistance to allergies. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that in these cases, activates the immune system of the child, this leads to the fact that some types of allergic reactions are suppressed.

Foot and mouth disease: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease

FMD is a zoonotic infection that affects the lining of the mouth, perioral cavity. Symptoms are fever, chills, burning in your mouth, blisters, erosion. Treat the disease with antiviral drugs, physiotherapy, diet, etc.

Allergies in children up to 1 year

Most often in babies up to a year allergies because of bad environment or genetic predisposition. Do not forget about the stress, the peculiarities of pregnancy. Babies Allergy manifests as redness and rashes.

Treatment of children with animals

Very effective is the treatment of children with animals – animal-assisted therapy. It provides two methods: natural (surveillance) and targeted treatment (joint walks, games). There is a horse, filino-, Kanis, Delfino and a fish Spa.

How to prevent infection from Pets?

To prevent infection from Pets, if a person is sick with HIV, it is always necessary after contact with the pet to disinfect their hands, to examine the animal at the vet, eating special food, do not touch stray or strange animals etc.

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