Super smart animals

It is impossible to determine whether one animal is smarter than another, IQ tests for animals yet. But you can make a credible list of the most intelligent animals, not trying to say that some of them are smarter and some dumber.

A chimpanzee known for her ability to think. Interesting fact that they even plan their future, in advance of considering further action. Based on the latest research, the genetic base chimpanzee coincides with a human is 98.7 %. This suggests that the evolutionary path of humans and chimpanzees separated six

According to the scientists, African baboons similar to the person in terms of behavior. They have a complex social system, they may experience stress and are able to think abstractly.

Many people believe that dogs do not possess sufficient intelligence is just good learning. But it’s wrong. Our smaller friends can tell the difference between pictures of nature pictures of dogs. This suggests that they have, in varying degrees, expressed the view of your dog “I”. Also dogs can learn up to 300 words, the mind is compared with the mind year-old child.

Elephants are highly intelligent and emotional creatures. They mourn their dead relatives and sometimes can recognize it in the fangs and the skull. The sign of intelligence to say two fact: first, the females take care of not only their children but of males, and secondly, as shown by tests, elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror. For reference: this ability unique to humans, dolphins and monkeys.

Pigs have excellent memory and intuition, they respond to their name and understand the meaning of other words. Pigs have a complex social structure and they better decide on thinking tests than some primates.

Sea lions are some of the animals that are able to think logically. Seven-year sea lion Rio proved the existence of logical thinking by means of special tests, which determined that if a=b and b=c then a=c.

Grey parrot or “Jacquot” is a very clever bird. This kind of parrot is striking in its intelligence and loyalty. So, Alex the parrot, which deals with an American scientist Irene Pepperberg from the University of Arizona, distinguishes about 50 different objects. And fluent and able to logically explain the difference between these items.

Crows have the largest brain size among birds. They are able to think, learn and feel emotions. The ravens quickly realized that homo sapiens is not the enemy and began to manipulate us to get food: if you have ever been to London, you will realize that you have in mind. Some crows, however, they get the food by their own labor. So, a crow named Betty, to get from a glass food, wrapped the wire around the beak and as a result succeeded. What allows to say that the diligence and hard work the ravens not hold.

It is noticed that “the cats who walk by themselves” smarter than holenia Pets. Why nature has endowed the street cats particularly mind? Perhaps the constant danger in which they live and the neighbourhood felines. They are forced to constantly hide, to hide and to run away, to avoid unpleasant encounters with humans and other animals. The cats know where to cross the road, and a place to hide from dogs, where to find food and shelter in the cold. Life is in constant danger made them wiser, taught me to think quickly and make decisions in accordance with the situation.

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