The most intelligent dogs

If you want to have in your home intellectually gifted dog when choosing a pet based only on the mental abilities of a certain breed. A good host must educate and train their four-legged friend, considering what he was put. For example, if it is a hunting dog, then it should be active, sportive and energetic.

It should be remembered that the best quality pet can develop only if the owner of the animal will not feel sorry for him time and love. Clever dogs can grow only in the family that will contribute to the development of their mind.

Intellectually endowed animal to cope with the most simple math, can count to five, and understand 250 words and gestures. But you must understand that behind this great work not only pet but also its owner.

Canadian scientists have compiled a ranking called the most intelligent dogs. This information will help you to determine the breed of the future member of your family.

Top most intelligent dogs

Top ten most intelligent dogs opens Australian shepherd . The breed was developed by Australians in the 19th century, who need a good assistant who could reliably prismatrivalsya herds of sheep. These dogs are easy to train as they understand its owner perfectly.

In ninth place is the Rottweiler . Powerful, strong and very brave, he possesses great strength and endurance. These dogs were bred to kill cattle. Today, they are the perfect protectors for their owners. Therefore you can have at home this breed.

Eighth place is Papillon . Descendants of continental water Spaniel originated in the 14th century. Owners of the breed, as a rule, were various dignitaries. These cute doggies will always be a symbol of elegance.

In seventh place is the Labrador Retriever . Without it there is not one family event. A dog copes with the responsibilities of guide dog for blind people and is an indispensable helper of the police.

Sixth place in the ranking is the Shetland Sheepdog . Outwardly they are very similar to collie. Initially the breed was bred for sheep herding. Its representatives possess remarkable hearing and sense of smell. Dogs don’t like familiarity, and to strangers rather distrustful and wary.

In the fifth place to be a Doberman Pinscher . This extraordinary dog can easily protect their owner if they feel that threatened by the slightest danger. Many of the difficulties arises from the owners in its training. If you decide to purchase a Doberman, remember that only energetic and patient owners can deal with the nature of this animal.

The fourth is a Golden Retriever . Animals have a calm nature, I love children and learner in the learning process. Very often they work as guides and lifeguards.

On the third place ranking to be the German shepherd . This amazing dog can be not only a wonderful friend and pet, but also excellent guard dog. They are very smart and hard-working.

The second place of honor is a poodle . Previously, they helped their masters hunt, served as rescuers and observers. Now you can see how the breed is performing various stunts in the circus. As a rule, a poodle is always a beloved member of the family and good her protector.

The first honorable place to be a border collie . This is the most intelligent dog in the world that loves to work and help their owners. The best companion for your children, it is really easy to train.

You were presented 10 most intelligent dogs in the world. One of them can become an indispensable member of your family. These animals are very intelligent, obedient and easily trained. 10 most intelligent breeds of dogs can perform their tasks much better than other types of Pets. Often this draws the attention of many people when choosing four-legged friend.

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