You want to have a pet? It’s a great solution, because they create in the house a special atmosphere of friendliness, and, if the family has children, next to Pets they grow up to be kinder, more caring, more intimate.

But what allowed you to have in the apartment? Oddly enough, the clear word “Pets” in the legislation. Someone starts the usual cat or dog, and some exotic animal – tiger, alligator, Python.

Is it legal? In the law there is no prohibition to include such animals, the main thing – to stay in the apartment was not contrary to the rules of the hostel .

Unfortunately, a single set of rules governing the content allowed in Russia does not exist. A particular amount of the rules of detention allowed is established in each region by local authorities and in respect of rare and exotic animals there are Federal regulations on the content and monitor them. The main legislative acts, which are legal regulation of relations in content allowed:

However, there are some General rules to keep in mind before you get yourself or another friend.

Pets are subject to mandatory registration and vaccination against rabies.

The pet owner has no right cruel to treat him. It needs to provide care for, feed and, if necessary, treated. Even the death or injury of a pet will cause the perpetrator to administrative or even criminal liability.

Pet must be kept flat and not in communal areas communal flats and apartment houses. In other words, to use the entrance, a corridor, a staircase cannot.

Prohibited dogs entrances, stairwells, elevators and playgrounds, tracks, sidewalks. If the dog excrement left in these areas, they should be removed by the owner. In addition, you cannot walk the dog without a leash and muzzle in shops, playgrounds, markets and transport.

Should be excluded attacks animal man. Otherwise, depending on the come consequences the dog owner is waiting for administrative or even criminal liability. Walking with a dog, its owner must prevent attacks on another domestic animal (e.g. cat). The law also prohibits to set a pet in a human or other animal.

If the fault of the animal to another person will suffer property damage, we will compensate it to the owner. In addition to the payment of damages, will be applied to administrative fines.

If your pet died, you cannot just throw away the corpse in the trash. It must be buried, or the dead body must be disposed of.

Depending on the severity of the violations in the content of the animal to its owner can be applied to various responsibility – from administrative to criminal. Specific penalties can be as follows:

If the violation is committed for the first time often take out the referee .

An administrative fine is the most frequent type of punishment that is applied in most cases. Depending on the seriousness of the offense and resulting consequences he the owner can be fined from 500 to several thousand.

With regard to criminal responsibility . it can occur, if the fault of the animal to another person will suffer physical harm. In this case the host expects punishment under article 118 paragraph 1 of the criminal code – this will be either a fine or community service or even imprisonment .

By following these simple rules for keeping Pets, we get from communicating with their Pets so much joy, tenderness and affection, that caring for them will not be a burden.

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