Top 12 friendliest cat breeds

Each cat have special traits that go beyond the standards typical for the breed. But if you decide to have a pet that will become your friend, you should read this list of the friendliest cat breeds.

12. Exotic Shorthair cat

Want a cat that will lie quietly and cuddle in your lap during the long winter evenings? Exotic Shorthair cat will take care of it. This breed is known for their attachment to hosts. Cats go after the man around and happy to accept kindness, when you get a chance.

These animals are apprehensive with regard to anything that shows too much activity. So often it takes some time to exotic Shorthair cat is used to kids and guests in the house that wants her to cuddle.

11. Abyssinian cat

Unlike the exotic Shorthair, the Abyssinian cats are very active. They are very intelligent and playful. And fundamentally, who are in the game, they are equally quick to find language with people of different ages, family members and even strangers.

These qualities make the Abyssinian cat a good choice for parents who want to have a pet in the joy of their children.

10. Persian cat

Persian cats are very gentle, as if rozhdennye affection. They are very easily attached to the host, but also cool down quickly if he handles them roughly.

Persian cats don’t like noise, but still they like to be the center of attention.

9. Russian blue cat

Russian blue cats are true aristocrats. The grace and intelligence allowed them to become one of the most popular breeds in the world.

These cats love to play and to be a part of what the owner, and even to share the bed with him. Is the cat of this breed to feel your warm feelings for her, and she’ll follow you everywhere. By nature Russian blue cats are very cautious and in no hurry to become objects of attention to “social events” in the house. But once they get used to the situation, and they go out and happily accept the affection of others.

8. Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is one that depends on attention and quickly gets it through his charm. Cats of this breed — the grateful audience: they can spend hours lying on your lap and quietly listen to what you tell them.

Their dependence on attention is so great that they are willing to accept all who offer (even other Pets). For this reason, experts strongly recommend having another cat to have company Burmese cat if the owner spend a lot of time at home.

7. Siamese cat

Siamese cats by nature are very similar to Burmese (long communication), but they have one distinctive feature — high curiosity. Siamese cats not only require the attention of the owner but also want to be a part of what he’s doing. They are happy to share chores, eating and viewing television programs.

Because of the presence of a broad range of interests, these cats easily find common language with others and often their behavior reminiscent of dogs. By the way, cats of this breed are often walking on a leash.

6. Somali cat

Somali cats are very active. They love to play and do it with all who are interested. A high level of energy and attention makes this breed ideal for training.

Although Somali cats love attention from others, they are not happy to receive it from other Pets. The ideal environment for this cat — when she is the only pet in the house and all the attention goes to only her.

5. Ragdoll

Ragdoll means “rag doll”. This name was given to the breed because of its peculiar representatives will relax to a state of rag doll as she takes any posture that you will choose. In this state you can stroke it, squeeze it, and she will not resist.

These cats are strongly attached to the owner, do not tolerate solitude and smart enough to understand the intonation and get used to the toilet.

4. Burmese cat

Burmese cats are playful and at the same time very loyal owner. They adapt quickly to new conditions, love to play with kids, hug and snuggle. Very easily find common language with guests.

It should be noted that cats of this breed do not like a long time to lie on the lap of the owner, but enjoy being petted on the head.

3. Manx cat

These cats have no tail, but on this occasion they have no complexes. They are very sociable, smart and observant. I love to participate in all the activities that take place at home. I love to play and new toys. These cats need company and especially appreciate those who show them attention.

2. Maine Coon

Maine coons are happy to spend time with everyone who serves, no matter a human or an animal.

These cats easily pass from a state of playfulness to complete relaxation and the enjoyment of the caresses of the owner. They are great companions to travel with and very easy to get used to the leash.

1. Sphinx

These hairless cats are ready to flirt with everyone just to get affection and attention. This makes them one of the most friendly breeds.

Sphinxes don’t like spending time alone, so we try to “help” the master in everything he does. Hungry to love, cats of this breed are famous for their stupid deeds just for the sake of getting attention and affection of his master.

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