The most undemanding Pets

Many people want to have Pets at home, especially those who have children. But often I ask myself a question, what are the most undemanding Pets, so for them it was easy to care for?

But if a person wanted to have a pet unpretentious because he doesn’t have time to care for him, then the animal will feel lonely and to nobody necessary, and benefit from its contents will not be anyone.

When a final decision, then you need to understand what undemanding Pets can be purchased in pet stores?

First place in the ranking is the Guinea pig. This animal is absolutely friendly, beautiful in appearance and care do not need a lot. The main thing for Guinea pigs to her home was clean and satisfying, and there was plenty of space and lighting. In this case, it will not be too burden to his master.

Therefore, preferably several times a week to clean the cage of a pet in a timely manner and to feed and water him. As for the food, it can be purchased at any pet store. If animal long hair, it is also necessary to maintain. When you get a minute of free time, you can play with a Guinea pig, she loves to be petted, especially, can not be afraid that it will bite you.

Hamster – another undemanding animal, for which oznochaet the same as for the Guinea pig is regularly watered, feed him and clean his cage. It is worth remembering that a place that serves as a toilet for an animal, should be cleaned every day, then the bad smell will not be heard in the apartment. Another important fact: the land on which the hamster stores food supplies, we should not waste if they are not spoiled, because you can harm the nervous young one. Continue reading

How and what to feed your puppy

Approximate feeding schedule:

Up to 1.5 months a puppy should be fed 6 times a day, with 1.5 to 3 – 5 times, 3 to 3.5 month old puppy can be transferred to 4 times a day feeding regime. And the 4.5 – 5 month – 3 meals a day. With 6-7 months (on the recommendation of the European and Israeli specialists) or 9 months ( on the recommendation of the Russian) a puppy can be fed as an adult dog 2 times a day – morning and evening.

We must remember that from 6 months of age in puppies begins the stage of intensive growth.

Per 1 kg of body weight for puppies and young dogs require:

Protein – 9g Fat – 2.5 g of Starch and sugars – 14g dietary Fiber – 1.5 g Calcium – 528 mg Phosphorus – 440 mg Vitamin A 200 IU Vitamin D 20 IU Vitamin E – 2.2 mg

What to feed a puppy? This is a difficult question arises before every breeder. Someone chooses a feeding with natural products, someone decides to feed the puppy finished feeds, and some people prefer a mixed mode of feeding. Continue reading

Room birds


Psittacosis is an infectious natural focal disease of birds, mammals and humans, characterized by an atypical pneumonia, enteritis, fibrinous peritonitis, encephalitis. The causative agent of psittacosis is bacteriology intracellular parasite – chlamydia (Chlamydia ornithosis), which is resistant to sulphonamides and sensitive to some antibiotics (tetracycline, chloramphenicol). Chlamydia in the external environment persist 2-3 weeks. Infection atriums is preferably the mucosa of the respiratory tract: infection occurs by airborne dust by rarely through food. Often the pathogen is introduced in small bronchi and bronchioles, causing bronchial inflammation. Very quickly the causative agent enters the blood, causing the symptoms of General intoxication and failure of various organs. In some cases, chlamydia penetrate into the Central nervous system, lead to the development of serous meningitis.

Reservoir and sources of infection – domestic and wild birds. Currently, the causative agent of psittacosis selected from more than 150 species of birds. Continue reading

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