Immediately after purchasing the puppy You are forced to choose • What and how to feed? • What food is better?

Today, there are two types of feeding dogs: the First is a traditional feeding (natural food) the Second is finished feeding (commercial, dry pet food) In the preparation of a diet for dogs it is necessary to consider the adequate amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. If you feed your dog leftovers from your own table, then this will inevitably lead to disease because of the imbalance of nutrients, excess salt and spices. But the desire to turn a dog into a vegetarian borders on a direct mockery of her nature. So first of all you should be aware of: principles of nutrition humans and dogs are dramatically different.

► Anatomical and physiological peculiarities of digestion dog Digestion dog has certain features. ► Proper feeding and nutrients necessary for the development of the young organism In the period of development for dogs is important not only to the frequency and volume of feedings, but mainly the quality of food.


► Vitamins are complex organic compounds involved in almost all metabolic processes in a dog’s body. Vitamins are classified into fat soluble and water soluble. ► Mineralnyevody To maintain normal functioning of the body, building tissue, as well as to ensure that all physiological functions necessary intake of minerals. They can be divided into macronutrients and micronutrients.

► Traditional feeding When feeding natural products very important to observe the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus, it should be 2:1 ► Cooking food for dogs Food dogs is prepared as follows.

INDUSTRIAL PREPARED FEEDS ► Classification compound dry food In recent years, the diet of our Pets was replenished with a considerable assortment of pellet feed. Assuming a properly sized feed. ► Not ready classification of complete feed group feed include; soups, canned food, and treats for dogs.


► The power of the dog (point of view of a biochemist) the Main principle of the organization of feeding dogs (and humans), from my point of view, is the maintenance of homeostasis or the constancy of the internal environment of the body, which can be provided in a known manner – a balanced feeding. ► Basic principles for feeding dogs Correctly composed diet should be considered as the number of feeds and supplements which not only meet the physiological needs of the animal, but also brings him pleasure. ► The technique of feeding the puppy French bulldog Try to keep the puppy French bulldog has got everything you need in a period of growth and then Your dog is properly formed according to genetic proportions, it will have strong bones, strong muscles.

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