What animal is the smartest

For anybody not a secret that humans are not the only intelligent beings on the planet. Animals accompanying humans for many years, produce warmth and benefit, is also very smart. And then the question arises: which animal is the smartest? The answer is always ambiguous . If you take five scholars and ask them this question, you can get as many answers that are clearly distinct from each other.

The problem is that it is rather difficult to characterize all the animals on the same level of intelligence. Someone able to communicate, others, affect their abilities to adapt to the environment, and others do an excellent job with the obstacles. Scientists have repeatedly tried to figure out how the brain works animals. People definitely call themselves the most intelligent creatures. The human brain is able to think, remember and reproduce various information, analyze and draw conclusions. But, as it turns out, this ability is inherent not only to people. Below is a list of the most intelligent animals, in their abilities to think not much different from the Homo sapiens.

A list of 10 most intelligent animals

10 is the position of the toothed whale. Warm-blooded animal, making a mysterious move in the ocean. The biggest secret is how whales can locate each other at great distances.

9 position allotted cephalopods, particularly squid and octopus. They are the inimitable masters of camouflage. The octopus can change its color in less than one second, feeding the brain the signals your body. The amazing fact is that they controlled their muscles.

8 position situated confident sheep. I assure the British people is too weak to appreciate their wit and insight. Scientists have found that these animals are perfectly able to remember faces of people and other animals. Intellectual development of sheep close to human. Reputation spoils the mere fact that they are too timid.

7 position: in Britain the bird has been recognized the most intelligent animal. Baggio was the name of Cockatoo. who knows how to sew. To do this, he just keeps in its beak a needle and thread. The professionalism of the tailor is estimated at 90%.

6 ripped urban crows. Smart especially those that live in Metropolitan areas. Their agility is equated to thieves. They also know how to count to five.

5 positions are dogs. Some people think that they are able only to good learning, and intelligence they have problems. However, our smaller friends are perfectly able to distinguish the icons with images of nature from pictures of dogs. This explains the presence of their own “I”. Dogs can understand about 250 words and gestures. To five think it is not worse than crows.

4 position belongs to rats. The most experienced of them can easily cope with the rat trap, taking the bait as a reward.

3 position the dolphins. Many scientists believe that they may even be smarter than humans. Because both hemispheres of dolphins off alternately, they never fully sleep. Communicate with each other using whistling and emitting the ultrasound.

2 positions are elephants. The size of their brain is small, but females can care not only about their offspring, but about males. Besides, they are able to recognize their reflection in the mirror. Elephants have an excellent memory.

1 position . undoubtedly, given to the monkeys. Considered the most intelligent of chimpanzees and gorillas. The ability of orangutans have not yet been sufficiently studied. A family of primates includes humans, and also chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, baboons, Gibbons and guenons. They have a large brain, able to communicate with animals of their own species, have certain skills.

Scientists never stand still in their research. Maybe soon something will change. People have only to remember that they are responsible for everyone whom has tamed.

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