What’s the harm and benefit of dry food for animals

Very often pet owners think of its translation with natural feeding on dry food. Feeding “straight” is of course fine, if you can provide your pet a balanced natural feeding . and not scraps from the master’s table. Whether dog or cat, they need to cook, food should be freshly made, additionally pet needs vitamins, minerals, trace elements. But if the animal in your home not one? And if you have a kennel of some large dogs? Personally, I do not envy you, if you feed this bunch of “straight”. Probably you have the whole day standing at the stove, and in his spare time running around the markets in search of fresh meat for Pets. Feeding with natural food, (I believe), the lesson long, boring and useless in our 21st century. The entire civilized world feeds their Pets industrial ready made food. All is already invented to us, dogs and cats employ entire factories and the veterinary industry. In Russia, many pet owners believe that dry food is dry bread, and some biscuits to sustain him. This is a misconception. Dry food is a precisely balanced nutrition for your animals, you can count on throughout life to feed your pet the right food.It is a variety from the table and pickles you make your pet priveredliv nutrition . Initially dogs and cats Monovette, and they do not need variety in food. Let’s see what the benefits and harms of dry animal feed.

— Improperly selected food, can harm your pet, listen to the opinion of the breeder and the vet on choosing food for your pet.

— Food economy class. This food not to feed your pet. Unfortunately many people buy food in advertising, or in the nearest supermarket. Good food is sold only in specialty pet stores and veterinary pharmacies. What are classes of feed written here . I will not repeat. Just remember, all hopped up on your pet cheap food you are slowly killing him. It’s very difficult to translate from the animal feed economy to a good feed of super premium class. He just seems tasteless. It is best that your pet never knew the taste of cheap feed. Will be healthier.

— If you have a house and dogs and cats do not feed cats dog food and Vice versa. It can also harm the health. They have different needs for nutrients.

— Properly store dry food, this here .

— Do not mix natural feeding and dry food. It is very harmful, and veterinarians strongly not recommended. The fact is that for the digestion of dry food the animal needs a day to digest a straight girl. 2.5 days. Nourishing both the body of the animal is under stress, and gastrointestinal tract incredible load. From here failures, unhappiness, and obesity. You need to choose one or the other, and in any case do not mix.

— Feeding dry food does not take a lot of time and effort, it helps to ensure that the pet always has fresh water.

— Dry food all balanced, he cares about the health and beauty of your pet.

When feeding dry food super premium and holistic class additional vitamins are not needed.

A properly selected dry food for your pet is healthy and shiny coat, regular normal stools, activity and cheerfulness of the pet.

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